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Style Advice from Joan Rivers

Posted on: October 6th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

On September 4 at the age of 81, Joan Rivers passed away. The Emmy award-winning star amassed over 40 years in show business as a comedian, TV personality, actress, jewelry designer, cosmetic creater, lecturer, and author. Whether you loved her or hated her, her self-deprecating, often brash, and always politically incorrect one-liners blazed a path for female comedians. She ignored all the rules imposed on women. In her words, “I succeeded by saying what everyone else was thinking.”

Known for her snappy tongue and quick wit, as well as her tenacity and work ethic, Joan Rivers was an icon that worked until her death. Her fashion sense can best be remembered on the red carpet as host of the Fashion Police.

Joan Rivers

Below are some of her memorable quotes as it relates to fashion, beauty, and life, and some thoughts on why so many related to her.


“Does fashion matter? Always – though not quite as much after death.”

Although fashion was important to Joan, her daughter and grandson were far more precious. She will be remembered by many as a wonderful mother, grandmother and friend. Perspective is key. Fashion is meant to be enjoyed but never should it be more important than your real priorities.


“Style is like herpes: You either have it or you don’t.”

This is my favorite Joan Rivers quote. It’s true that style is hard to teach. However, I find that most women’s style gets better with age and sometimes we need a little push in the right direction. As you age, your personal style is honed to be perfectly you. Thank goodness for people like Joan whose brutally honest opinions told the world what not to wear so that there just may be a few less fashion faux pas.


“My grandson is mad at me. He’s mad at me because I squandered his college fund on Spanx. It’s a lot, but there’s a lot going on here.”

No argument here. The proper undergarments can make or break an outfit. There is nothing worse than panty lines, ill fitting intimates, and curves popping up in all the wrong places.


“The only time a woman has a true orgasm is when she is shopping.”

We can all remember the feeling of euphoria when the perfect pair of shoes have been found in your size and on sale. In fact, Joan once said she wanted to spread her husband’s ashes at Neiman Marcus so that she could visit him every day. Clearly Joan loved to shop.


“The ideal beauty is a fugitive which is never found.”

“My face has been tucked in more times than a bed sheet at the holiday inn.”

There is no ideal beauty. Women come in every shape and size and they are each beautiful in their own right. Love who you are and how you look. While most stars deny plastic surgery rumors, Joan Rivers embraced it and was never shy about her surgeries. I think, in part, that her surgeries were the result of her trying to find the ideal. Joan’s true beauty was evident in her self-deprecating humor that showed her immense ability for laughing at herself.

Working Out

“If Godhad wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”

I think it’s safe to say that Joan Rivers never tried paddle boarding in the Florida Keys. Perhaps she would have found our beautiful turquoise waters and spectacular sunsets as valuable as diamonds.


“Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century.”

True beauty is about having the confidence to laugh at yourself and life’s imperfections which Joan did unapologetically and honestly throughout her entire life.

Joan Rivers fashion was being honest to the point of hilarity. Her outspoken opinions were feared by celebrities who waited breathlessly on what she would say about their outfits. Anna Kendrick said that being publicly told that her dress was hideous will never feel quite as awesome. Thank you Joan for your tough love, hilarity, brutal honesty and for teaching us about how to laugh at ourselves.

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is God’s gift. That’s why we call it the present.” – Joan Rivers

Survival Guide for a Florida Keys Fashionista

Posted on: September 5th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

There was once a time when Florida Keys settlers didn’t have the luxuries we have today to survive. They fought extreme heat and giant mosquitoes without (gasp!) air conditioning, bug repellent, or sunscreen. Although these are common luxuries today, it’s never fun to forget to wear the right apparel which results in looking or feeling like a settler from the early days. Below is a survival guide for every Florida Keys fashionista.


Keep the blood suckers at bay by always having bug spray available. Pack it in your car, purse, and house so that you never have to go without it. A word of caution: Some bug repellants will take off your nail polish and can discolor clothing and leather. Be careful where you spray so you aren’t left in dire need of a pedicure.

Keep practical footwear in your car at all times.

When one regularly wears inappropriate foot wear, aka sky high heels, access to more practical shoes is a must. Tennis shoes would come in handy if your car stalls on one of the stretch. You can walk in tennis shoes a lot quicker and more comfortably than you can in heels.

Likewise, flip flops are another practical shoe to keep handy. For last minute invites on the boat or to a waterfront restaurant with dock beams, throw on your flip flops. Wearing heels will only result in ruined shoes and getting stuck in dock beams. Both of which will make you look more like an amateur than a fashionista.

heel in dock


Your makeup and everyday lotion should both include SPF. If you’re going to be outside for a period of time, make sure to apply more sunscreen with a higher SPF. This means keeping sunscreen in convenient places such as your boat, car, purse, and house. Applying sunscreen while naked is the best way to make sure you don’t miss a spot. The most commonly forgotten places to apply sunscreen also happen to be some of the most sensitive. Pay extra attention to your hands, lips, nose, ears and toes. There is no reason to look like Rudolph in July. Protect your skin so that it’s as beautiful today as it is for years to come.

Never Say No to Invitation on the Water

Every Florida Keys fashionista should have a beach bag packed and ready to go at all times. It should include a towel, swimsuit, cover-up, sunscreen and hat so you have no excuse not to accept a fabulous invitation to lounge poolside or go boating with friends.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Prevent wardrobe malfunctions with the life saving options from Hollywood Fashion Secrets. They produce double-sided fashion tape to keep clothing in place, commando underwear for invisible panty lines, and stain removing pens to stay looking fashionable throughout a busy day. Wear With All Boutique in Key Largo, carries a wide assortment of these problem solving style solutions. Located at 101401 Overseas Hwy in the Publix shopping plaza, you’ll find many style saving tricks to keep you looking confident and fashionable in the Florida Keys.

Prevent wardrobe malfunctions with the life saving options from Hollywood Fashion Secrets available at Wear With All Boutique.

Prevent wardrobe malfunctions with the life saving options from Hollywood Fashion Secrets available at Wear With All Boutique.

Too Much Baggage? How to Avoid Overpacking

Posted on: September 3rd, 2014 by Leah No Comments

We’ve all had the experience where we’ve packed too much, too little, or none of the right clothing. The art of traveling comes down to concise and organized packing. Here are some tips on mastering jet setting while not forgetting style in the rush to catch a plane.

Pack in Advance

A key component to packing is to do so in advance. I recommend starting the packing process one week prior to your trip. This will give you time to make sure your items are clean before you leave. There is nothing worse than packing the night before an early morning flight only to realize your favorite dress is at the cleaners.

Make a List

Start by making a list by the number of days you’ll be traveling. You’ll likely want a different outfit for each day and night of your trip. If traveling for fun, you’ll need casual outfits with comfortable shoes for day while sightseeing and dressier outfits at night for dinners and entertainment. While writing down each outfit on your list, it’s important to try everything on. This will make you think about the type of undergarments and accessories that need to be packed in addition to making sure that the garment doesn’t need any repairs. Also, check the weather, it’s no fun to arrive at your destination only to realize that its much colder than you realized and you didn’t bring a jacket.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable clothing on the flight. You never know when you’ll be delayed or miss a flight and end up spending extra hours in the airport. However, this does not mean you should wear sweat pants. Instead opt for layers such as a maxi skirt with tank and sweater. I also recommend a scarf (to keep warm in cold airports and airplanes), minimal jewelry (more to take off when you go through security), and comfortable shoes (you’ll be doing a lot of walking). I once made the mistake of wearing a dress with a lot of embellishments on it while traveling. As I went through security the scanner lit up like a Christmas tree and I had to be padded down and searched in the back. This was an uncomfortable situation that could have been easily avoided by simply wearing the right clothing. Also, no one looks good after a long flight wearing a full face of makeup. Instead, slip on a stylish pair of sunglasses and a little lipstick and you’ll look fabulous! They also can help hide tired, blood-shot eyes after a red-eye flight.

How to Pack

Roll it, don’t fold it. Rolling clothing will create fewer wrinkles and more space for other items. In addition, stuff workout clothing and socks into shoes to help them keep their shape while also saving space. As you’re laying items into your luggage, place a dryer sheet between clothing. This will make everything smell fresh when you unpack. Also, never check anything valuable. Your carry-on luggage should include your jewelry, cosmetics, swimsuit, one casual and one formal outfit, and anything that you couldn’t live without.   In addition, your carry-on luggage should include socks (flights are cold), lip balm, antibacterial wipes, tissues, advil, toothbrush/toothpaste and a tide pen (for erasing spills and dirt from clothing when traveling). All leakable products should be packed in resealable plastic bags to minimize spillage on clothing and other items in your suitcase. Clearly mark your bag using a bright tag or a ribbon. Black luggage all looks the same at baggage claim.

Roll your clothing for less wrinkles and more space when traveling

Roll your clothing for less wrinkles and more space when traveling

More is not better

Just because you own it doesn’t mean you should pack it. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot carry your own luggage then you’ve packed too much. It’s not your husband’s job to be the bag man and you should not need to see a chiropractor or masseuse after traveling.

Pack clothing and accessories that you will wear more than once. A dress can be worn at night with heels and then worn again later in trip with sandals for a more casual day look. On my last trip, my husband commented on the number of shoes I pulled out of my luggage asking whether I really needed seven pairs of heels for a 10-day trip. I explained that I did as they each matched a different handbag that went with a specific outfit. Alright, point taken, perhaps packing seven pairs of shoes with matching handbags was a bit much but I would rather have fewer outfits and more accessories. A simple black dress can look like a completely different outfit when accessorized with different shoes, jewelry, scarves, or a jacket.

Also, keep in mind that hotels offer dry cleaning and laundry service for relatively inexpensive fee. When considering that most airlines charge between $25 and $50 for a checked bag, using the hotel’s laundry service isn’t a bad option. Hotels also have a laundry machine which you can use for around $.75 per load.

On your next trip, use a few of these tips to help you stay stylish while traveling. And if you forget something, it’s the perfect opportunity to do a little shopping! Bon voyage!


The Evolution of Swimwear #MBFWswim

Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

Fashion is in constant evolution with styles and trends changing as quickly as the seasons. This is also true of swimwear. Swimwear’s greatest influence has historically been based on the beliefs of society on modesty and sexuality. The swimwear we know today has really changed very little since its first appearance in the 1940’s. Instead, designers have relied on colors and prints, embellishments, and unique cuts to make a collection fresh and new each year.

The earliest form of the female bathing suit was a bathing dress worn in the early 1800’s. These reserved full-coverage dresses were made of material that had weights sewn into the hems to keep the dress from rising up in the water. The men’s bathing suit at this time was a wool garment with long sleeves and legs similar to long underwear. Can you imagine how hot these would have been? Certainly these ensembles would not have worked in the Florida Keys.

At one time, swimwear also included stockings, paddle gloves, and emergency flags to alert others when in danger. It wasn’t until swimming became popularized as a sport by the Olympic Games that swimming attire became streamlined to provide greater movement. And thankfully, Speedo introduced the first non-wool bathing suit in the 1920’s.

The arrival of the bikini was popularized by the style icons that wore them. Betty Grable glamorized the pin-up style, Marilyn Monroe showed how curves can be supported in a structured silhouette, Farrah Fawcett is famous for wearing a rust colored one-piece donning a fabulous smile and California style, and who could forget the leggy lifeguards on Baywatch.

Today, the estimated revenue of the swimwear industry is $17.6 billion, according to the research firm Global Industry Analysts. One look at the entourage in Miami for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim a few weeks ago would prove this number accurate. Celebrating their 10th Anniversary of Swim Week Miami, swimwear, cruise and resort collections were strutted down the catwalk for buyers, press, and industry insiders. Designers included Poko Pano, Frankie’s Bikinis, Clover Canyon, Wildfox Swim, Beach Bunny, L Space, Caffe Swimwear, Luli Fama, and Mara Hoffman. My favorite was the show by designer Dolores Cortes. Her flattering silhouettes offered stand out cutouts, and animal prints paired with soft florals. Bold gold accessories adorned each suit. The real showstopper was the brown leather one-piece with tortoise shell accents. Yes, leather! Each of the models donned elevated ponytails which were constructed with wire allowing their hair to bounce with each step.

Whether you prefer a one-piece or a string bikini or swim trunks or a tiny Speedo, your choice has been influenced by the history that influenced swimwear styles of today. Thankfully, the evolution of style for swimwear has made the bathing suit both functional and fabulous for the modern man and woman.

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

Buyer’s remorse has happened to us all at some point following a shopping trip. You fell in love with it in the store, but after getting it home you realize the color or fit wasn’t quite right or maybe it was just too much money. In most cases, you can return the item and get your money back. However, there are times when a return isn’t possible and now you’re stuck with the unwanted item. Here are a few tips to help you avoid buyer’s remorse in the future.

Buying a luxury bag at a consignment store is a great way to own a Louis Vuitton like this one at half the cost.

Buying a luxury bag at a consignment store is a great way to own a Louis Vuitton like this one at half the cost.

Never shop just to shop

Shopping is a fun pastime but you need to recognize when you’re just in the mood to purchase something new or whether you really do need some new items for your wardrobe. If you catch yourself in the shopping-just-to-shop-mood, make note of it and recognize that today isn’t the day to make any expensive purchases. Instead, make a list of the items your wardrobe is lacking and clothing and accessories that need to be replaced. When you know what you need, you can go shopping with purpose.

Wait a Day

If you are unsure about an item, give yourself a day or two to think about it. You can put the item on hold or leave it in your online shopping cart. If you are still thinking about it the next day, then buy it. You’d be surprised how often you will completely forget about the item by the next day. This is especially important when making a more expensive purchase.

Don’t Splurge

Before splurging on a big purchase, ask yourself these questions.
1. How often will I use this?
– Buying special occasion pieces is okay once in a while, buy truly expensive items should be worn often. If you are going to use the item daily or even several times a week, then it isn’t a bad purchase.

2. Is it trendy or classic?
– Trendy pieces go out of style and may not have the shelf life that an investment piece deserves. Instead, purchase the item in a cheaper brand and save your investments for classic pieces you will wear often and well into the future.

3. Will I still love it a year from now?
In fashion, newly covetable items emerge each season, so splurging on the “it” bag of the month may have you regretting that decision after only a few short months of wear. If you’ll still love the item a year from now, then you know you’re making the right decision to purchase it.

4. Is this an impulse buy?
Before buying a house or a car, you save money and do research. Saving and researching before purchasing a big item is the best way to shop guilt-free. You can also make a list of pros and cons to help you sort through whether this investment piece is really for you.

5. Can I afford it?
– If you’re buying something that is as much as your mortgage payment, then it needs some consideration and should be taken seriously. Impulse purchases on expensive items can impact your financial future and wellbeing and should not be purchased without thoughtful consideration.

Shopping makes us feel good. Purchasing a new or coveted item triggers the release of brain chemicals that gives you a “shopping high.” Understanding this can help you make sense of shopping impulses, avoid buyer’s remorse, and lower your risk for overspending. Now that you understand what to avoid, go ahead and shop responsibly!


Rules are Meant to be Broken

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In today’s ever changing world of fashion, it’s important not to take any fashion rules too seriously. Each year, designers emerge with new collections that challenge what we’ve been told we should and shouldn’t do. So instead of following those old adages, challenge yourself to break a few fashion rules this year and evolve your own personal style. As Alexander McQueen put it, “It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules.”

No white after Labor Day
High-end fashion labels have been breaking this rule for years. In a tropical climate, it’s even more imperative that you embrace the white-in-winter trend. With such bright surroundings we can wear bright apparel all year long. So this year, keep your white jeans and shoes in your closet well after labor day for a fresh look in the cooler months in the Florida Keys. This rule also goes for pastels, there is no reason to reserve light pinks, blues and yellows only for spring and summer!

Sneakers are only for the gym
Bright colored fashion sneakers are being paired with dressier pieces for a modern twist on a daytime look. Look for fashion sneakers that aren’t meant for running or intense training but still offer support such as Keds or Toms. Playful prints such as polka dots or stripes add an element of surprise and offer a comfortable alternative to flip flops for a chic yet comfortable look.


Remove one accessory before leaving the house
Coco Chanel once said that before leaving the house you should remove one accessory. And yet, the infamous fashion icon, Iris Apfel, has done the opposite. Iris is known for piling on her jewelry and has become a fashion muse in her nineties for her eccentric and identifiable style. So next time you’re getting all dolled up, try piling on the bling.

Iris Apfel

Don’t mix prints or pair bright colors together
Contrasting patterns can look fabulous together. Try pairing florals and stripes or polka dots and plaid. The trick is to keep the base color the same for a pulled together look. In addition, don’t shy away from bright colors paired together like red and pink. A red skirt paired with a pastel pink top can look very modern and eye-catching.

For evening only
Bold lipstick and clutches were once reserved for evening only. Lipstick colors such as orange, pink, red and plum can act as an accessory and look great for day. If you wear a bold lip for day, keep your makeup minimal for a polished look. Clutches are also a great way to liven up your daytime look. Swap out your go-to bag for a clutch to change a normal day look into something much more fashionable.


At the end of the day, wear what makes you feel good. If you feel good, you’ll look good. At DK’s Style Hut in Marathon, you’ll find an eclectic mix of fashion forward clothing and accessories to help you break all the rules. Open daily from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. you’ll find this little store is jam packed with great basics including affordable jeans and tanks, and trendy fashion forward apparel including comfy palazzo pants in colorful patterns and hues. My favorite find from this hip and stylish boutique is their Kitty Ammos Sandals from Skiathos Greece made exclusively for DK’s Style Hut. Stop by their location at 8347 Overseas Highway in Marathon to view their impressive range of goods from all over the world.

Florida Keys Boutiques

Florida Keys Boutiques

Florida Keys Boutiques

Sole Sisters

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When I first moved to the Keys, I was concerned I might be the only person living here who dreamt of stilettos, strappy sandals and sexy sling-backs . After a few months as a local, I attended an event where a woman approached me to tell me what fabulous shoes I had on. I was wearing a pair of red and ivory Mary Jane style heels that were, in fact, fabulous. When I looked down, she had on some equally amazing shoes and I knew from then on we would be sole sisters.


We don’t all own a collection like Imelda Marcus, who amassed over 3,000 shoes from world-famous designers including Ferragamo, Givenchy, Chanel and Christian Dior. However, according to a ShopSmart Magazine poll, American woman do have some interesting behaviors when it comes to purchasing and wearing shoes. On average, woman have 19 pairs of shoes in their closets but only four pairs are worn on a regular basis. In fact, 24% of shoes in our closets have been worn only once and 13% admit to hiding shoe purchases from a significant other. Another quite comical fact: 43% admit that they’ve been injured by their shoes. My guess is this statistic would be higher if they interviewed women in the Florida Keys. Uneven terrain and dock-like platforms can make for some interesting, if not, dangerous situations. It’s been my experience that when your heel catches in between two slats, your body continues to propel forward at the speed of which you are moving. A body in motion, stays in motion, so they say.

imelda marcus shoe closet

The amazing closet of Imelda Marcus.

Now that you understand that more women are like you than not like you, it’s time to figure out whether your shoe collection is meeting your needs.

Woman own 19 pairs of shoes

This article prompted me to count my own collection, which was well over 100 pairs (gasp!). To be fair, I’m in the process of selling five pairs. Okay, it’s still a bit over the top, I know, but I really do wear well over half of them regularly. The other half are evening wear, winter shoes and shoes reserved for specific occasions that get worn when those occasions present themselves. For instance, my tap dance shoes will get worn when I decide to take another tap dance class.

If your own shoe collection is a bit overwhelming it’s time to clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn them in a year or two, it’s time to get rid of them. Sell them at a consignment store or ebay, or donate them to a worthy cause such as the Domestic Abuse Shelter and Florida Keys Children’s Shelter.   By cleaning out the clutter, you’ll be able to find your shoes more quickly and may actually wear them more.

Only Four Pairs are Worn Regularly

Four! This is quite pathetic ladies. Shoes can completely change the look of an outfit. I recommend moving the shoes you wear most often to a less easily accessible place so that other beauties can make their debut. Put a few colorful pairs in front and don’t be afraid to mix it up. When you normally would reach for your black patent leather heels, instead opt for a bright fuschia heel or go for black and white wedges. A little color or a different silhouette will create a whole new look.

13% admit to hiding shoe purchases from significant others

Not that I’ve ever done this before but here are a few good hiding places I discovered in my “research”. The trunk of your car is a great place to “store” shoes until the opportunity presents itself to be moved into the house and immediately into your closet. If arriving by mail, explain that they’re a gift. He doesn’t need to know that the gift is for you. Kitchen cupboards are also a useful place to put shoes if you are surprised in the kitchen after a recent shopping trip. Quickly put the boxes into your cupboard and he’ll just think you’re prepping for dinner. Just be sure to remove them promptly if your significant other happens to do a lot of cooking.

The Essentials

Beyond tennis shoes and flip flops, below is a list of footwear essential for every wardrobe:

PicMonkey Collage

– Black Heels – these are a necessary staple that can be worn with a plethora of looks. From work outfits to casual nights out, a simple pair of comfortable black heels is a must. Go for black leather or black patent leather for a little more oomph.

– Colorful Heels – you must own one brightly colored heel that can transform your outfit. It will make a plain black dress more interesting and elevate a classic look to instant chic. My favorite statement heels are in yellow, fuschia, red and royal blue.

– Metallic Strappy Sandals – gold or silver strappy sandals are the perfect shoe to be paired with evening wear for weddings, galas and formal affairs. Metallic sandals also look fabulous when paired with jeans and will make a casual look more sophisticated.

– Ballerina Flat – comfortable and stylish, these darling must-haves work for day or evening and always look fashionable.

– The Wedge – For Florida Keys girls, we need a high heeled shoe that can handle the terrain, and the wedge is it. Much more comfortable than their stiletto counterparts, the wedge can work around the clock and looks great with casual and formal apparel. Try a pair in a neutral hue such as black or tan and you’ll find they go with everything.

Marilyn Monroe said it best, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Put another way, fill your world with fabulous shoes and walk towards your dreams.



Arm Candy

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I got THE call. The call was from my friend letting me know her new bundle of joy had arrived. That bundle… was a Birkin. I was as excited as I would have been had she told me she was delivering her first child.   We promptly named her red beauty, ‘Scarlet’.

Birkin’s are the holy grail of handbags. Handmade by Hermes of materials including crocodile, ostrich and diamond studded leather, these IT bags are produced in limited quantities that create an exclusivity for owners. Birkin’s are a status symbol few will have the privilege of knowing. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham supposedly own over 100 Birkins worth more than $2 Million.


Birkins are not within the realm of possibility for most of us but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own a great bag. There are four things that every woman should splurge on: a great hair cut, a classic watch, quality shoes, and a beautiful bag. These are things that are worn daily and can transform a simple look into a fabulous outfit. If you invest wisely in these four pieces, your outfits will always look chic no matter what you’re wearing.

Everyone’s splurge level is different. Some people can afford several thousand dollars for an It bag, while others may only have $100 to spend. Regardless of your budget, your money will go further if you are smart about how you spend it. Shop consignment stores and online discount stores for greatly discounted designer bags.   Sales are another way to spend less for a beautiful bag.

When shopping for a new bag, make sure that it can hold MILK – money, identification, lipstick and keys. In addition, it should also be able to fit your cell phone. If the bag is too small to carry these items, then don’t buy it. A bag this small isn’t functional and therefore won’t get worn.

There are four essential handbags no wardrobe should be without:

– Oversized Tote – Choose a durable fabric that can be used for both work and travel. Choose a style with minimal hardware that can hold both your computer and a few personal items.

– Black Clutch – this is a wardrobe staple that can worn for casual occasions and evening ware. A simple black clutch will always be in style and will be worn for decades.

– Classic Handbag – choose a simple and sturdy silhouette in a neutral hue such as tan, brown, black, or navy. This is your everyday bag that can be worn with every outfit. I would also argue that deep burgandy, red, or snakeskin bags are great neutrals that can be worn for everyday and double as statement bags.

– Statement Clutch – you need one outfit maker clutch in a bright color. This is the bag that transforms a simple look to fabulous.

Christina’s Boutique located at 10990 Overseas Highway in Marathon has expanded their selection of woman’s apparel and accessories to include consignment items. Their large selection of handbags will provide you with plenty of arm candy to choose from and will help you in finding several essential bags to cross off your list.

Christina's Boutique sells beautiful totes, classic everyday bags and bright clutches

Christina’s Boutique sells beautiful totes, classic everyday bags and bright clutches

“Of course, every woman should have at least one over-the-top bag. To really experience life, you need to flirt with extremes. A life lived safely in monotone is not a life lived at all.” – Frank Zambrelli, handbag and accessories designer extraordinaire.

Go bright, bold and beautiful for your next arm candy!

Stylish Uniforms at Miami Fashion Week

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Uniforms have been a facet of the work environment for decades. The role of the uniform is to eliminate dress codes, to serve as corporate branding, and to project competence in the employees. It is not uncommon for uniforms to be seen in service industries such as banks, hospitals, and hospitality. However, even though many work environments have become more lax about uniforms, the airline industry has always maintained this requisite.

At Miami Fashion Week, the iconic Eastern Air Lines was the title sponsor. The initiated a competition to design their flight attendant uniforms with the forthcoming re-launch of the airline. The competition included five Miami-based designers who presented their collections to the sound of Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon”. Julian Chang, Lisu Vega, Kayce Armstrong, Samy Gicherman and Viviana Gabeiras were the five finalists who presented their individual collections. They conveyed a variety of looks incorporating the brand’s logo and colors. The collections ranged from vintage inspired looks and athletic movable designs to outfits with tropical flair and designs resembling something more appropriate for an astronaut. The winning designer, Lisu Vega, introduced a collection of flight attendant uniforms featuring cobalt suits, zippered blazers with matching skirts, and classic dresses. She also added logo printed suitcases to the model’s ensemble that perfectly complemented the flight attendant theme.

Lisu Vega's stylish flight attendant uniforms for Eastern Air Lines at Miami Fashion Week

Lisu Vega’s stylish flight attendant uniforms for Eastern Air Lines at Miami Fashion Week

The concept of a stylish uniform is somewhat of an oxymoron. Uniforms essentially suppress individuality while style is conveyed through individuality in how an outfit is worn and accessorized. Yet, famous designs have long been drawn to uniforms. Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani and Vivienne Westwood are among the elite who have also designed uniforms for flight attendants. Although uniforms are meant to make everyone look alike, each individuals style can be seen through the use of jewelry, scarves, shoes, handbags and even the color of a woman’s lipstick.

In many ways, we all have our own uniforms. We tend to gravitate toward the same looks as representing who we are and how we want the world to perceive us. It’s in the accessories that our individual style shines through. Next time you fly, look for the those individual touches that make your flight attendant stand out. And don’t forget to take a look at the stylish ensembles worn by the newly launched Eastern Air Lines.

Summer Fashion Essentials

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The forever summer weather in the Florida Keys likely have most tourists wondering what could possibly be different about our “summer” wardrobe. However, we locals understand that summer means even lighter-weight materials in sweat proof fabrics that will keep us cool for the hot months ahead. Here are several wardrobe essentials for you to add to your closet the sweltering season ahead.

Bright Clutch

Let your accessories make the statement this summer with a bright hued or patterned clutch. Add a clutch to a basic ensemble such as a black dress or shorts and t-shirt for a pop of color. Try switching up your normal go to handbag by swapping it for a clutch for day. It’s a amazing what a cute clutch will do to make you feel more confident about what you’re wearing. Waters Edge Gift Cottage at 95175 Overseas Highway in Key Largo has a great assortment of summer clutches priced at around $30.

Statement Clutches found at Waters Edge Gift Cottage in Key Largo.

Statement Clutches found at Waters Edge Gift Cottage in Key Largo.


In the Florida Keys, sunglasses are a fashion accessory that gets worn daily. It’s also an accessory that you can never have enough of. All that wear makes them easy to lose, scratch, and break. So if you find a pair of sunglasses you love, buy more than one pair. I love buying sunglasses in multiple styles and colors to match to my outfit of the day. Miss Monroe Boutique located at 81868 Overseas Highway in Islamorada at the Village Square at Trading Post shopping area has a great selection of sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors and range from $18-$24. At that price you can afford to buy one of each!

Fabulous sunglasses found at Miss Monroe Boutique in Islamorada.

Fabulous sunglasses found at Miss Monroe Boutique in Islamorada.


New sandals are a summer must have. I love updating my wardrobe with a fun new print, style or color.   D-Luxe Boutique carries a variety of styles in neon pink, white and black with gold accents and wedge sandals for dressier occasions. Summer is also a good time to review the sandals already in your closet. If they’re falling apart it may be time to replace them. Shop D-Luxe Boutique at 80925 Overseas Highway in Islamorada. Sandals start at $18 and everything in the store is under $50.


Affordable sandals in bright colors and patterns from D-Luxe Boutique

Affordable sandals in bright colors and patterns from D-Luxe Boutique

Bold Statement Jewelry

Most summer fashions tend to have simpler designs for easy wear in warmer weather. Shorts worn with tank tops and long solid colored maxi dresses need a statement necklace to create interest your ensemble. If you don’t already own a few, consider investing in one. If you wear a lot of blue, then try finding one in yellow or turquoise to add another color to your outfit. Terra Nova located at 712 Duval Street in Key West carries of line of jewelry called Nature Bijoux made out of natural components such as coral, leather and zebu horn. Ranging from $48-$325, this jewelry line is meant to start a conversations as when worn, everyone will be asking about your beautiful jewelry.

Origins Necklace by Nature Bijoux

Origins Necklace by Nature Bijoux

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the most comfortable summer staple. They aren’t too fitted so will keep you cool and in breezy light-weight fabrics are comfortable year round. Maxi dresses also have the added benefit of looking effortless. Pair one with wedges and a clutch for a night out or wear it with sandals and a statement necklace for day.   Wild Lily Boutique located at 81933 Overseas Highway in Islamorada has an abundance of maxi dresses available this summer in a variety of colors, prints and textures.

Mara Hoffman Maxi Dress available at Wild Lily Boutique in Islamorada

Mara Hoffman Maxi Dress available at Wild Lily Boutique in Islamorada


Sizzling Summer Fashion Show

On Thursday, May 22nd The Village Square at the Trading Post will host the Sizzling Summer Fashion Show featuring summer fashions from Miss Monroe, Wild Lily and D-Luxe Boutique. The event will start at 6 p.m. with the fashion show starting at 8 p.m. and will include a complimentary champagne bar, mojito bar, cigar lounge and cigar roller, light hors d’hoeuvres by Bad Boy Burrito and lots of free giveaways. Tickets are available for $30 and are limited. This is a great opportunity to see some beautiful summer fashions for the Florida Keys from some of your favorite local boutiques. You can buy tickets at Miss Monroe, Wild Lily or D-Luxe Boutique. Hope to see you there!