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Music and Fashion

Posted on: August 24th, 2015 by Leah No Comments

Music and fashion are inseparable.  Like love and marriage, as Frank Sinatra says, you can’t have one without the other. In looking at history, you’ll find each music genre has its own fashion identity.  Often what became a fad may have been caused by the popularity of the musician that wore it.  But its hard to know which came first, the fashion trend or the music, or whether their collaboration is what made them all the more popular.   Below is a look at some of the most popular genres of music and the fashion trends that ruled that era.

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in the movie "Swing Time"

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire in the movie “Swing Time”


The evolution of Jazz in the roaring twenties was met by changes in the fashion industry to reflect the time.  Bobbed haircuts, low heeled shoes, and free flowing dresses were the style for the popular dance music.  The low waist flapper dresses and shorter hemlines featured fringe, pleats, gathered fabric, and slits to allow motion to rule women’s fashion.

Rock & Roll

Fashion brands during the Rock & Roll genre of the 1950’s transitioned from conservative looks tailored to adults to the edgy and informal styles attractive to youth.  Elvis Presley was the Rock & Roll idol of his time and his look was as popular as his sound. His trademark pompadour hairstyle with side burns and blues suede shoes influenced a generation of fashion.  Boys who loved rock and roll wore tight-fitting blue jeans, white T-shirts, black leather jackets and white bucks or blues suede shoes.  The girls wore poodle skirts with images of record players and music notes attached to the front paired with fitted blouses and sweaters.


The 1980’s was the decade of the music video which gave pop musicians great influence over the fashions of the time.  From kooky and bright looks made popular by Cyndi Lauper, or punk fingerless gloves worn by Madonna, there seemed to be a musician and a fashion trend for everyone. Michael Jackson’s white socks worn with black shoes, skinny jeans, and leather biker jacket was also a staple during the 1980’s.  And don’t forget the big bangs, shoulder pads, and blue eye shadow.

Hip Hop

Hip hop styles in the early 1990’s had the theme of the baggier the better for both men and women.  Rappers like M.C. Hammer made blousy pants popular for their dance-oriented music.  The Fresh Prince and TLC popularized baseball caps and bright, neon colored clothing.  Both men and women wore oversized pants paired with extra large t-shirts and flannel shirts made popular by a variety of hip hop musicians.  And don’t forget the fad of wearing your clothes backwards, made popular by Kris Kross.

And the good news… some of these awesome fashion trends get recycled.  So if you’re desperately hoping to wear fingerless gloves again, don’t worry, it will probably be back in fashion very soon.


On Saturday, August 29, the Elite Dance of the Keys will present the Island Stars Swing-sational Dance-Off & Costume Party from 6-11 p.m. at the Elks Lodge in Tavernier.  Enjoy dinner catered by Mangrove Mike’s Café and live band while watching some of your favorite locals boogie for charity and compete to be crowned the winners of the Island Star Dance Competition.  Embrace the fashion trends of the swing era and come dressed in your favorite 40’s fashions (think classic suits for men and swing skirts and blouses for women) and win prizes for best costumes.  Tickets are $75 per person and proceeds benefit the Elite Dance of the Keys to provide scholarships for deserving boys and girls to attend dance conferences and receive dance lessons.   Buy your tickets at the door or through any of the local contestants including: Alan Newman, Dr. Janis Jeffers, Clay Crockett, Nancy Cooper, Demetrios Efstratiou, Jennifer Mahaffey, Tiffany Wheaton, and John Dunn.



Things I’ve Learned During Pregnancy

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As I approach the last few weeks of my first pregnancy, I’m astounded at what I’ve learned and what no one really prepares you for as you go through this process.  There are some things I’m going to miss and some things I’m ready to have come to an end.  I’m looking forward to seeing my toes again, hell, I’m looking forward to touching my toes.  I’m also ready to partake in a bottle of my favorite red wine.  But there are also some things I’m going to miss.  The feeling of baby kicking and moving in my belly and the feeling of him hiccupping will be sorely missed.  These are priceless memories that have made pregnancy all the more special.

Hangry Just Got More Interesting

Hangry is a term that my husband has often used to describe my hunger pangs even before I was pregnant.  Apparently I get a little frustrated and angry when I haven’t had any food.  During pregnancy, I have been Hangry on steroids.  I haven’t really had any weird cravings or food aversions, however, I do have this awesome tendency to nonchalantly go from “I could eat” to “I’M STARVING”.  And this tends to happen within about 30 minutes of the other. For my husband’s sake, I’m hoping my hangry emotions will subside again after pregnancy.

Pregnancy Fashion

Maternity clothing has come a long way from the muumuus of the 70’s.  Back then, a pregnant woman could throw on a tent that could fit a family of 4 and walk out of the house looking totally presentable.  Today, muumuus have been replaced by body hugging styles to show off woman’s changing shape.  I’ve found that the best pregnancy clothes are the clothes I loved before – great summer dresses with a little more stretch.  They’ll keep you cool while also being totally wearable after baby comes.  There is nothing worse than investing in a closet full of clothes that you can’t wear again.

High Heels

Although I’ve relegated most of my high heel wearing days for special occasions instead of my daily wear during pre pregnancy days. It is still a lot of fun to get dressed up in a pair of heels and show off the belly. After all, I’m pregnant not dead.

Maternity Leggings

Who knew that pants worn up to your bra could be this comfortable.  I bought several pairs of tummy covering maternity leggings in my second trimester and wear them often around the house, walking the dog, running errands, etc.  As soon as I get home from work, these are my go-to comfy clothes.  While my sister was here a few weeks ago, she informed me after I bent over in front of her that my favorite maternity leggings are in fact see through.  Turns out, I’ve been mooning the entire neighborhood for months now.  Great.  I will miss you huge tummy covering pantelones.

Touching the Belly

If you rub my belly I can not grant you three wishes and no one is more disappointed in this fact than I am.  People are naturally drawn to the miraculous bellies of pregnant woman.  Just be sure the person you’re touching is a) someone you know and b) ok with having their belly rubbed.  When you’re first pregnant, it’s a little weird, it starts as “Why are you rubbing my belly fat?” to “Did you feel him kick?”  I’ve now reached the phase where my skin has stretched to the point of itchiness.  So a little belly rub feels great! Rub on my friend, rub on.

Bellies Come in All Shapes and Sizes

There is so much pressure now about how we’re supposed to look when pregnant.  Celebrities seem to go through pregnancy effortlessly and then miraculously bounce back to their pre-pregnancy weight within weeks of delivering their babies.  This is just not a reality for most.  Today, doctors recommend that you gain between 25-35 lbs. during pregnancy.  But regardless of the number on the scale, bellies come in all shapes and sizes, just like women do. Why during pregnancy do complete strangers feel the need to comment on your size and shape? Can you imagine if this happened to non pregnant women?  Strangers will inform you of how pregnant they think you are, how big they think your belly is, or the dreaded, “You look like you’re ready to pop.” Believe me, the idea of “popping” has occurred to me and I’ve had nightmares about it for months. So the next time you see a stranger who is clearly pregnant, smile at her and let her go on her way. If you’d like to share something, tell her how beautiful she looks.  Especially if her grocery cart is filled with Doritos and ice cream.  There is no judging in pregnancy.


Boys 3 Piece Seersucker Suit Available at Shell World in Key Largo

Boys 3 Piece Seersucker Suit Available at Shell World in Key Largo


If you’re looking for great baby clothes and gifts, check out your favorite local boutiques and gift stores in the Florida Keys.  Some of the cutest gifts I’ve received came from local stores with darling baby aquatic themed onesies, outfits and sun hats.




It’s National Lipstick Day

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July 29 is National Lipstick Day!   This makeup bag staple is a must-have for every girl’s beauty collection and has been for hundreds of years.  So pucker up and put on your favorite shade to honor the day.  Whether your go-to shade is subtle or dramatic, the fact that lipstick is available in almost every hue is reason enough to celebrate.


Giambattista Valli Designer Lipstick

Giambattista Valli Designer Lipstick for MAC

Code Red

A red lip can make you look effortlessly glamorous regardless of your attire.  From risqué to romantic, there is a full spectrum of red lipstick shades for every skin tone.  The trick is to find the perfect shade of crimson to flatter your complexion.

If you have a fair complexion go for a cherry or cranberry color, for warm complexions try an orange-red to bring out your golden undertones, and for dark complexions try tangerine or raspberry.  Regardless of your perfect red hue, anyone can rock red lips.  So put on some red lipstick to make you feel extra fabulous.

Be Adventurous with Bold Hues

Today’s lipsticks come in every shade of the rainbow.  If you’ve worn the same color for years without much variation, it may be time to try something new.  Wearing a bold lip color can make your outfit.  Be bold and opt for a new attention-grabbing hue such as orange, coral, hot pink or even purple.

My favorite way to try new colors are through buying a few less expensive brands from CVS or Walgreens to see how I like the color on me.  I typically opt for glosses as they are easy to wear and you can always add more or less to achieve the desired color.  Once I’ve decided this color is absolutely for me, I will try to find something similar in a more expensive variety with longer wear and a better application.

Wear Designer Hues

On July 9th, Giambattista Valli launched a new collection of lipsticks for MAC. The Paris-based “it” designer is celebrating 10 years of his fashion brand and a decade partnering with MAC on his runway shows.  In honor of this anniversary, Valli has created five vibrant matte lipsticks and a clear gloss that can be combined to create 10 different combinations. Also, for the first time MAC has color-matched the packaging to the lipstick to make it easier for you to find the color your looking for in your purse or makeup bag.

Transform your personal style by experimenting with a new shade of lipstick.  After all, lipstick is like the icing on the cake, without it you’ll just look like a plain round half-done doughy slab and who likes that?


Beauty is Pain

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The majority of fashionistas will admit that at some point they’ve hurt themselves in the name of beauty. Some of the most common include shaving cuts, teeth whitening mishaps, curling iron burns, and foot injuries from inappropriate shoes. But regardless of all these painful side affects of looking good, most of us haven’t altered our behavior. We haven’t stopped shaving or whitening our teeth or curling our hair or wearing high heels. Oh the lengths we’ll go for beautifying ourselves. Below are a few of the silly things we ladies do for beauty.

Plucking, Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair is downright unpleasant. It’s not far off from the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carell gets his chest waxed. Short of yelling profanities at our beauticians, I know plenty of woman that have had to pop a Xanax, slather on some numbing cream and/or have a drink or two before a Brazilian appointment.


I’ve figured out where Spanx get their name. Have you actually listened to the sound spanx make as you slide them up over your thighs and around your hips? It’s like a suction cup. If you accidentally let go it will snap against your skin like you’ve just been spanked. The last time I wore a pair I was sweating by the time I got them on and my husband came in wondering what all the grunting was about. The site of me in spanx was probably less appealing than what he thought was happening in the bedroom before opening the door.


Too tight clothing

Last month a woman was hospitalized after wearing skinny jeans while helping a friend move. After spending hours squatting, her feet and legs became numb. And it turns out this isn’t a new thing. Skinny jean wearing has been causing women to develop meralgia paresthetica also known as the “tingling thigh syndrome”. Although I love my skinny jeans as much as the next girl, I would never wear them for rigorous activities such as moving, that’s what stretchy yoga pants are for. Apparently skinny jeans need to come with a disclaimer: “Only to be worn while standing, could cause nerve damage if worn while squatting or sitting for long periods of time.”

High Heels

Have you ever put on a pair of shoes that look amazing and felt fine in the store but cause pain if worn for more than 5 minutes? I literally have shoes in my closet that can only be worn while sitting but I keep them because they look so fabulous! Seriously. To ensure you don’t end up with more shoes in your closet that can’t be worn for walking, you need to do the heel test. While wearing heels in the store, stand straight and try to raise yourself on your toes so there’s at least an inch of space under your heel. If you can’t lift your heel than the heel height is too high and will likely cause you injury before you ever get a chance to walk in them. An orthopedic boot does not a fashion statement make.

Too Heavy Handbags

When I first started seeing a trainer, she did my measurements and noticed that my left bicep was larger than my right. We figured out it was caused by always carrying my handbag on my left arm therefore giving my left bicep an extra workout. Too heavy handbags can also cause back, neck, and shoulder pain and headaches. Now I don’t think this calls for wearing a backpack or pulling a bag on wheels, I happen to like my strong left bicep. But it does mean that you should clean out your handbag and get rid of the extra items you don’t need to carry around on a daily basis. I would also recommend opting for a small clutch for nights out. Give your bicep a break while also giving your outfit a punch.

Ultimately, the best way to look good is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. And doing it without suffering in the name of beauty and fashion is even better.



Florida Keys Footwear

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For Conchs, flip flops are likely the most basic and yet most popular item in your closet. These comfortable and durable sandals are a staple in the Florida Keys and yet Jimmy Buffett has been warning us about the perils of wearing flip flops for some time.  He sang about blowing out his flip flop in his infamous song “Margaritaville”.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, of the 198,437 emergency room visits due to shoe-related injuries, (yes, shoe-related injuries!) 25,300 were associated with flip flops in 2014. And worse yet, podiatrists point the finger at flip flops for causing bacteria and viral infections, bad posture, bunion exacerbation and formation, athlete’s foot and lack of arch support.

Before you go throw out all 50 pairs of flip flops in your closet, here are a few things to consider before wearing your favorite Florida Keys footwear.


Wear in Moderation

Just like red wine and chocolate, in moderation, flip flops are just fine. Podiatrists hate stillettos too so now you might as well break all the rules and wear a little of both.   Let out your inner fashionista with some fun for your feet. Instead of donning your regular black flip flops try a cute pair of ballet flats or a great pair of colorful heels. You may be surprised by the response and your feet will look fabulous.

Consider the Time of Day

Wearing flip flops at night can be disastrous. I once had the unfortunate experience of accidentally stepping on a scorpion at night while wearing flip flops. As I stepped on him, his tale whipped up and stung me in the toe. My foot throbbed for days. So when going out at night, consider something that will provide a bit more coverage from stings, bites, rough terrain, broken glass, and other debris.

Flip Flops Do Not Last Forever

“Broken in” isn’t a good thing. If you’ve had your flip flops for longer than you can remember, then it may be time to replace them. Just like running shoes, flip flops get old and stop providing the support you need. A little wear is fine, but considering how many cute color combinations are available for relatively inexpensive, I recommend replacing your flip flops every year.

Don’t drive and flip flop.

Flip flop wearing while driving can also be dangerous. Backless shoes can easily slip off and get wedged under the break or gas pedal. A recent study identified over 1 million accidents or close calls while driving that were caused by flip flops every year.

Pamper Yourself

With all your flip flop wearing fun, it’s important to also keep your feet looking great. Get a pedicure regularly, be sure to lather plenty of sunscreen on your toes when out in the sun, and clean your feet after wearing flip flops. Remember that any dirt you come in contact with will also end up on your feet so be sure to give your toes a good wash before climbing into bed.

Consider the Event

Named for the sound they make when they slap between your foot and the floor, flip flops are great for the beach but have no use in any professional environment or dressy event. Just imagine flopping into your office or into a wedding. If sandals are a must, opt for a cute pair of sandals that don’t flop in a metallic hue for a more dressed up look.

When in doubt, wear your flip flops. After all, life is better in flip flops.

The Art of Peacocking

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Peacocking is term used to describe the act of a man adjusting his behavior or dress in an attempt to impress a woman. The term originates from the act of the male peacock showing his feathers in order to attract the attention of a female peacock.

Men that peacock will often be found wearing obnoxious clothing to garner a female’s attention. If you catch a man wearing leather pants, big fake gold jewelry, fur coats or anything sparkly, he’s probably peacocking. Likewise, a man driving a flashy car or owning a boat with a few too many speakers might also be trying to attract your attention in the art of peacocking. And it’s also likely for all the wrong reasons.

The peacock theory is that if you dress ostentatiously, you’ll draw women to you like moths to a flame. The problem with this mating theory is that not all attention is created equal. For a man to appear sexy to a female, he must exhibit class and a sense of style instead of donning tacky clothing, or, gasp, actual feathers. Below are a few stylish options to help you attract the right kind of attention from the opposite sex.


Sun-Kissed Skin

This doesn’t mean that you should start spray tanning or laying out in the sun without sunscreen. Sun-kissed skin should look like you’ve got a little bit of a tan, but shouldn’t look like you’re a close cousin of the lobster. A man that looks like he’s just spent a time in the sun tells a women that he likely enjoys some of the same pastimes as she does and it can be an easy way to attract a like-minded female.

White Button-Up Shirt

Classic and simple, a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up worn with a pair of jeans or shorts is an effortlessly sophisticated option to attract a woman. There is something just so irresistible about a man in a crisp and clean white oxford-style shirt.


Is there anything sexier than a man in cufflinks? No, I’m not talking about the Chippendale variety. I’m talking about a man in a fitted suit with beautiful silver monogrammed cufflinks. In the Keys, we don’t have many options for men to wear suits, but when the opportunity arises you should have the right attire.

A great watch

Watches have been a status symbol ever since they were invented. And thankfully today, you can purchase a nice looking watch for under $100. This jewelry staple is the only jewelry you need to own or wear.


You want to look cool, charming, and appealing? Be yourself. The best looking men are those that are confident in who they are and exhibit a bit a chivalry.   You’ll easily catch the attention of a female by simply holding the door open for her, being thoughtful and being confident in the man you are.

So get your strut on, you handsome peacock.

How to be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

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The month of June, second only to August, is the most popular month for weddings. With all the different types of weddings it can be hard to know what to wear. For most weddings, the invitation will indicate the type of attire the couple would like their guests to don by listing the dress code. When a wedding invitation does not clearly indicate the dress code, you’ll need to create a look that is special, respectful, and appropriate for the venue and time of celebration.

An Evening Wedding

Weddings are a celebratory event and that means what you wear should reflect that. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. An evening wedding indicates a more formal affair and should be attended with semi-formal to formal attire unless otherwise noted.   That said, you never want to upstage the bride. This means no attention-getting styles showing too much leg or too much decolletage, no loud colors and absolutely no white. A cocktail dress is the perfect attire for an evening wedding paired with classic accessories such as heels, a clutch purse and jewelry. Stand out in a sea of LBDs by opting for a feminine print such as floral or charming color tones such as soft pink or mint green.

A Daytime Wedding

A daytime wedding calls for a more subdued look. Stay away from black dresses for early morning or afternoon weddings to ensure you don’t look like you are attending a funeral. Instead of black or bold colored heels which will look more appropriate for evening attire, opt for wedges, sandals or nude colored heels that will perfectly complement a day look. Similar to what you might wear to an outdoor wedding, a daytime wedding is perfect for sundresses and long maxi dresses. A long maxi dress worn with sandals will be celebratory while not being overdressed for the time of day.

An Outdoor Wedding

If it’s an outdoor wedding, your footwear will be the most important part of your outfit. Outdoor weddings held on a beach, or in a field will make heels more of a hazard than an accessory. Choose shoes that you can walk-in such as dressy sandals or wedge heels and stay away from flip flops as they are too noisy and casual. For men, loafers or leather sandals are appropriate unless a dress code of semi-formal or formal has been noted. You’ll also need to plan for the elements. Rain, bugs, and sun are all things to plan ahead for by packing the right items to make you comfortable such as an umbrella, bug spray and sunscreen. If it’s warm, you will also need to make sure your clothing is sweat resistant. Choose darker colored fabrics that are breathable and made from natural fibers such as 100 percent cotton or linen.

Kristin Ayala Crane's Bridal Designs

Kristin Ayala Crane’s Bridal Designs

For the Bride

In early May, the Key West High School Fashion Club presented its eighth annual fashion show where ten talented students presented their designs. One high school fashionista, Kristin Ayala Crane, created her line inspired by bridal fashion week with the whimsical theme of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her collection utilized lace, tulle, satin and strategic cutouts for accentuating the beauty of the female physique. In addition to white, gold was also used to complement her designs for an elegant look. Although these students are not yet selling their own creations, if you’re a bride to-be, they certainly are a group to watch as these talented students are sure to be tomorrow’s couture bridal fashion designers.


Spring Cleaning

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When you think of spring cleaning, our closets rarely get a second thought. But with summer right around the corner, this seasonal task is must-do. Summer is the perfect time to shop for your Florida Keys wardrobe as the lightweight clothing now in stores is perfect for our warm weather. But before rushing out and buying every cute summery dress you can find, you need to review what’s already in your closet.

To help with this daunting task, I recommend the following: wear comfortable clothing, play your favorite tunes to get you in a good mood, open a bottle of wine, and invite a brave friend who is brutally honest and has good taste.


Clean First

Before cleaning out your closet, you must first tackle cleaning it up. That means hanging everything that’s taken claim to your closet floor and refolding shirts and slacks that have been haphazardly placed on shelves.

Organize by Type and Color

Once everything has been put back, hang your clothes by type so that all your dresses, slacks, skirts and shirts hang together. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re in a hurry. Also, organize them by color so that all your black dresses are hung together. Not only does this make your clothing more easy to see but it will also help you understand what might be missing from your wardrobe.

Review your Wardrobe

Now go through your clothing and identify items that you no longer wear, no longer fit and that no longer look good on you. This is where your friend will provide value. Often, we attach emotions to our clothing because it was worn for a special occasion or you have always had great luck wearing that red shirt. But as time passes, clothing can look worn, have stains or may not fit quite right, begging you to retire the item no matter how much you love it. For items that are being retired, you have two options, sell or donate. Donate unwanted items to one of the many local charities including the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter and the Domestic Abuse Shelter. If the item has a value and is in good condition, consider selling it through a local consignment shop or online through the Keys Yard Sale Facebook group.

Make a List

Now that your closet has been cleaned out and your unwanted items donated or sold, you will likely see some areas where you are lacking. Make a list for what you might need based on what you have removed from your wardrobe and also what you are clearly lacking. An all black and white closet is not in your best interest so your goal should be to add in some color. Likewise, all color and no basics isn’t the way to go either.

Keep it Clean

Fashion Blogger Leandra Medine, says it best, “Cleaning your closet is a lot like getting a bikini wax. If you neglect the targeted region for too long, the next time you commit to, you know, cleaning it up, it’s painful, frustrating and time consuming.” Your closet is your temple. Keep it cleaned up and organized so you can keep looking like the best version of you.


What to Pack for a Summer Getaway

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Whether you’re jet setting this summer or planning a staycation, having the right clothes for your getaway are as important as planning your activities once you arrive at your destination. Great sunglasses, cute swim suits, a good read, camera, and sunscreen are just a few must-have items to pack. But for a stylish summer vacation, you may also want to think about adding a few new on-trend pieces that will take your vacation from boring to fabulous.

Tropical Prints

Believe it or not, Hawaiian shirts and all things tropical are considered hip and on-trend. While enjoying their moment in the sun, these bold botanical prints are appearing in black and white fauna, vintage inspired palm tree prints, and bright tropical hues. Try paring a tropical piece with other neutrals or be bold and wear it from head-to-toe. These kitschy prints will elevate your style in a serious way. Find beautiful on-trend tropical printed dresses starting at $35 at Miss Monroe Boutique located at 81868 Overseas Highway in Islamorada at the Village Square at Trading Post.

Tropical Printed Dress from Miss Monroe

Tropical Printed Dress from Miss Monroe

Day-to-Night Shorts

When traveling, it’s important to pack versatile pieces that you can easily wear from day-to-night. Not only will this help reduce the amount of luggage you need to take, but it will also give you additional options for your vacation wardrobe. A bright pair of shorts in a fun color or print are perfect for your day activities worn with a tank and a pair of sandals. Wear those same shorts for night by pairing them with a flirty top, bold jewelry and a pair of wedge heels. Day-to-Night shorts are available at D-Luxe Boutique located at 80925 Overseas Highway in Islamorada starting at $15.

Day-to-Night Shorts from D-Luxe Boutique

Day-to-Night Shorts from D-Luxe Boutique

Colorful Hats

Nothing says fabulous like a big and colorful summer hat. Not only will this provide some additional shade for your face and shoulders while lounging poolside, but it will also give your beachside attire a stylish twist. Find a large variety of summer hats at Island Trendz Boutique starting at $45 located within the new Amara Cay Resort in Islamorada at 80001 Overseas Highway.

Bright Hats from Island Trendz Boutique

Bright Hats from Island Trendz Boutique

Sizzling Summer Fashion Show

See more must-have summer fashions on Thursday, May 14th at The Village Square at the Trading Post’s 2nd annual Sizzling Summer Fashion Show featuring summer fashions from Miss Monroe Boutique, D-Luxe Boutique, One Sun Project Bikinis and Island Trendz Boutique. The event will start at 6 p.m. with the fashion show starting at 7:30 p.m. and will include an Oo-tray mobile bar, Bad Boy Burrito taco bar, photo booth, and free giveaways. Tickets are available for $20 at Miss Monroe or D-Luxe Boutique. This is a great opportunity to see some beautiful summer fashions perfect for your summer getaway and your Florida Keys wardrobe. Hope to see you there!

Sizzling Summer

It’s Derby Time!

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It’s time to dust off your fascinators, floppy hats and fedoras for the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, May 2.   The only way to watch the best two minutes in sports is to enjoy it with festive attire, mint juleps and friends. So it’s time to plan your most stylish outfit, create a hat, and decide where to watch it!


Plan Your Outfit

The Kentucky Derby takes on the style of a “Southern belle”. Sundresses in bright spring hues and fun patterns such as floral or stripes are perfect for this event. Before finalizing your dress, consider what your headpiece will look like. If your dress has a lot of pattern or color, you may want to choose a simple design for your hat. Likewise, if you choose a simple dress, you can opt for a big and bold fascinator!

For men, classic linen, khaki or seersucker suits are the perfect attire for the Kentucky Derby. If this feels too dressy for your viewing plans, opt for a more casual look with a button down shirt in a fun color or pattern such as pink or gingham. Keep in mind the preppier the better. Pair it with shorts, loafers, a bow tie and a fedora and you are all set.

DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

If the hats in your closet aren’t quite cutting it, get creative and make your own. You’ll need either a hat or a headband for your base, embellishments such as flowers, feathers, bows and ribbons, and a hot glue gun and safety pins to help you adhere your designs. Styles can range from classy and fashionable to zainy, eye-catching headwear.

Kevin and Corly Quick won best hats for their horse head hat at last year's Kentucky Derby party at oo-tray.

Kevin and Corly Quick won best hats for their horse head hat at last year’s Kentucky Derby party at oo-tray.

If you need a little more guidance for creating your hat, The Art Studio in Marathon will be hosting classes April 23-25 from 11-5 p.m. Located at 12535 Overseas Highway, they will provide all the hats, headbands and embellishments to create a custom hat for $35 or fascinator for $18. Call 405-289-9013 for more information.

Watch the Derby

If you’re not hosting your own viewing party, join me at oo-tray at 80900 Overseas Highway in Islamorada starting at 5 p.m. Oo-tray will be serving Kentucky Derby themed food and drinks, and will be giving out prizes for the best dressed and best hat. In addition, there will be a 50/50 raffle for betting on horses, live music after the race and an Islamorada Derby where local celebrities will race with horse sticks for guests’ amusement. Call 305.922.2027 or go to https://www.facebook.com/events/1401243463531042/ for more information.

Derby 2015

In addition, Fishermen’s Hospital Foundation is hosting a Kentucky Derby fundraiser at the Lighthouse Grill at Faro Blanco Resort & Yacht Club located at 1996 Overseas Highway in Marathon. Tickets are $75 and all proceeds raised will benefit Fishermen’s Community Hospital. Bet on your favorite derby horses and enjoy mint juleps and southern fare. RSVP to kim.gregory@fhcares.com or call 305.393.5720 for tickets.

See you at the races!