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Conch Style: How to Tie a Scarf

Posted on: September 7th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

The number one style rule is to never wear more than three colors in an outfit.  That said, you’re goal should ALWAYS be to wear three colors and to feel fabulous in what you’re wearing.   Adding a bright, rich textured scarf to your ensemble can create just the right amount of color to make your outfit interesting.  For example: a black dress paired with red shoes = predictable, a black dress paired with red shoes and a leopard print scarf = fabulous.

Pick scarves with interesting patterns, colors and textures to add to your wardrobe.  In the Florida Keys, the lighter-weight the scarfs, the better, as lightweight fabrics are more versatile and can be worn through every season.  Always make sure the colors you choose are complimentary to your skin tone and are something you can easily integrate into your wardrobe.  If you own a bright pink handbag, a scarf in a bright pink pattern could be worn with multiple outfits including jeans and fitted shirt, a dress for work and as a cover-up over a swim suit.

How you wrap the scarf is just as important as picking the right colors and textures.  The next time you pick out a scarf to wear, try tying it one of the following ways.

The Cowl Neck: Lay the scarf flat on a surface.  Grab the lower left corner and the top right corner in opposite hands.  Take your right hand and wrap the scarf twice around your neck so that the ends end up in front.  Tie a small knot with the ends at the desired length.  For a true cowl neck look you want a small gap between the scarf and your neck.  It shouldn’t look like a turtle neck, think of how the neck on a chunky sweater lays.  That’s the optimal look.  Turn the scarf so that the knot ends up more on the side and then tuck the knot under.

The Necklace: Lay the scarf flat on a surface.  Twist both ends until the scarf resembles a rope.  Don’t twist it too tightly so that it rolls up.  You want it to still be moveable.  Now wrap it around your neck twice and tie it in the back.  Play around with the length until you achieve the desired look.

The Bow: Drape the scarf around your neck with the one end shorter than the other.  At your collarbone, tie the ends of the scarf into a large knot with the ends of the scarf poking out to resemble a flower or bow.

Featured scarves are available at the Islamorada boutique, Zero Dress Code for $20 each.  Zero Dress Code is located at 82205 Overseas Highway, Islamorada, and open Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Call 305.664.0800 or go to ZeroDressCode.com for more information.


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