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Conch Style: What to pack on your Spring Break Trip

Posted on: March 8th, 2013 by Leah No Comments

There is nothing worse than getting to your destination only to realize you forgot half of what you needed or hate what you packed.  The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to plan ahead and to make a list of everything you’ll need.

Travel light.  Over packing is just a sign of not having a good plan.  Lay out your suitcase a week or two in advance and as you come across things you may want to bring, put them in your suitcase.  This will help you start the packing process.  A few days in advance repack your entire suitcase.  It will give you time to wash anything you might need.

Make a list.  Map out the number of days you’ll be on your vacation and any key activities you’ve got planned that will require special attire.  Then write down your outfits by day.

Pack clothing that is versatile and can be mixed and matched or worn multiple times.  A pair of shorts could be dressed up with wedges and a sparkly top for night and worn with a nautical striped top and sandals for day.  A jersey dress could be worn out one night and then could be used as a cover up over a swim suit at a later point in your vacation.  Most hotels have laundry service of some type so if you desperately needed something cleaned, you could do so at your hotel for a relatively small fee.

Wear your bulkiest items on the plane to save space in your luggage.  If you’re traveling to a cooler destination, wear your boots and bulky sweater on the plane.  Then consider packing clothing that can be layered for warmth as this will give you more room in your suitcase.  Airports and planes are generally cool so even if you’re going to a warm destination, wear a light-weight sweater while traveling that can also be worn on cooler evenings.

Limit the number of shoes.  Shoes take up a lot of room in your luggage so pack shoes that you can wear with multiple outfits.  For a beach vacation you will likely need one pair of heels, one pair of wedges, a pair of sandals and tennis shoes.  Use the valuable space inside of your tennis shoes to store your socks and workout clothes.  This will make it easier to find your workout gear when you’re unpacking.

Reserve space for new purchases.  I love buying new things when visiting new cities, so try to leave  a little extra space in your luggage for new purchases while traveling.

Stylish essentials for a beach vacation:

  • Kindle or good book, big sunglasses and a beach hat
  • A foldable tote doubles as a carry-on and a beach bag
  • Scarves  can be used to add color to your outfit and can also be worn as a sarong at the pool
  • Sun block, Advil, Bug Spray
  • Camera and phone chargers
  • Empty water bottle and lip balm – planes are known for being dry so stay hydrated and keep your lip balm handy
  • Lots of statement necklaces – they don’t take up a lot of space and will instantly give your outfits some oomph!


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