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Spring Trends and How to Wear Them

Posted on: March 21st, 2014 by Leah No Comments

The key to making an outfit work is a matter of dressing for your body.  Clothes should complement you and make you feel good about how you look. If you don’t feel great, you won’t look great.  When considering spring trends, keep this in mind as trends are meant to inspire you to try new things while also complementing your look.

The new trends you try should also blend easily into your current wardrobe.  Before buying a new item, envision three outfits that the new piece can be worn with.  If you can only think of one, than its probably best to let it go as you’ll get minimal wear out of it and it will spend more time hanging in your closet than being worn.

In reviewing the spring 2014 trends, there are some that are just not that flattering.  Crop tops are very popular this year but look good on only a fraction of people.  If you’re young and have a fabulous figure, you could try this trend but I recommend showing no more than a few inches of skin or try layering it over a cami.  It’s always best to leave a little to the imagination.  Likewise, sporty sandals are a 2014 spring trend that was revived from the 90’s. Sadly, they should have stayed in the 90’s as mandels aka “manly sandals” do not flatter even the most fashionable fashionista and instead make her look more like big foot.

Below is your go-to guide for embracing spring trends:

Bright Colors

When we think of spring fashion, most think of soft pastel hues in skin-baring designs.  Nothing says spring like baby blue, white and a soft pink.  However, this year, Radiant Orchid is Pantone’s 2014 color of the year and is perfect for spring.  In addition, orange is also a big color for spring.  Try these hues in shirts, shorts, or fashion accessories to add a pop of color to your outfit.  These two hues are also popular in the beauty department, with orange and radiant orchid making the perfect new bold lip color.

Vibrant Prints

Spring is a great time to try a new print.  Still on-trend and hotter than ever are your graphic black and white prints, polka dots and stripes in every color and floral prints both big and small.   A new print to add to your collection is that of the novelty print.  Novelty prints (think cartoon-like cats and bright pink flamingos) are nothing new in the fashion world, they’ve been around since well before the 50’s and this spring we’re seeing small novelty prints plastered on ladylike dresses and sophisticated separates.  These prints tend to add a lot of color and flamboyance so try them in basic cuts and styles and pair them with neutral accessories.

It’s All in the Details

Sheer, fringe, beaded and bedazzled, this spring’s fashions have embellishments to swoon over.    Sheer tops and strategic sheering on dresses can look buttoned up while also feeling cool while living in the tropics.   Always pair a sheer top with a neutral, black or similar hued cami to show off the shirt and not something else.  Fringe looks amazing on everything including skirts, shirts, dresses, necklaces, handbags, and belts.  Literally amazing on everything and everyone.  So don’t be shy about trying out a new item with a little pizzazz.  After all,  it’s these types of embellishments that really make an outfit and separate those who like fashion from those who have fun with it.

Where to Find Spring Fashions

Zero Dress Code in Islamorada has a large selection of spring on-trend fashions

Zero Dress Code in Islamorada has a large selection of spring on-trend fashions

Zero Dress Code is the perfect place to find all your spring fashions with on-trend, quality clothing at reasonable prices.  Their newly expanded store located at 82205 Overseas Highway in Islamorada, offers double the inventory allowing them to feature expanded sizing, extra small through extra large, and a greater variety of items.  They also provide smaller quantities of items so that you can be sure not everyone in the Keys will be wearing the same outfit.   Suzanne Gleason, the owner of Zero Dress Code, travels all over the world to bring beautiful and unique clothing, accessories and gift items to the Florida Keys.  You’ll find everything from party dresses to bathrobes sure to make you feel beautiful.  With new inventory arriving weekly, you’ll want to stop in regularly to find your next fabulous find.

Striped wedges and flats found at Zero Dress Code.

Striped wedges and flats found at Zero Dress Code.


Get out of your style rut and get inspired with spring fashions.  Happy Shopping!

Polka Dot shorts $76, novelty print seahorse top $48, and orange fringe scarf $15.

Polka Dot shorts $76, novelty print seahorse top $48, and orange fringe scarf $15.


Frock Blocking and Croc Blocking – Fashion Terms to Know

Posted on: March 13th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

Mastering fashion trends can be tricky but ultimately, fashion is meant to be fun.    Below are a few style related terms to make you laugh and help you overcome the everyday challenges of dressing up.

Frock Blocking – The urban dictionary assigns a different meaning to this term but I prefer to think of this in reference to giving and receiving compliments.  (Frock Block a.k.a. not allowing another woman to learn where you bought an outfit so that she can’t also buy it.)  If a woman gives another woman a compliment like, “I love your dress, where did you get it?” there is no need to frock block her.  Tell her where you got it and revel in the fact that she adores it on you enough to want to buy one for herself.  Too many times, women will receive a compliment like this and say, “Oh, I can’t remember” or “I’m not sure, I got it as a gift.” No you didn’t, stop frock blocking and tell us where you got that fabulous dress!

Label Shaming – Don’t judge others for their lack of designer labels.  Designer labels are wonderful but also incredibly unaffordable for most.  The art of dressing is in the styling of an outfit not in who designed it. Sometimes the best wardrobe finds are from unknown labels found at thrift stores and discount shops.  So if you like something and it looks good on you, buy it regardless of who makes it!

Croc Blocking – Unlike frock blocking, croc blocking is something that you should do.  Friends don’t let friends wear crocs.  Crocs are not an attractive form of foot wear.  If you have a friend who wears crocs, you need to help her and throw them away.   Repeat after me: I will not wear them with a coat, I will not wear them on a boat, if you catch me with them on dry land, you can tell me I look bland.

Crocs, Croc Blocking

Trend Taming – Some trends can be hard for even the most fashionable to achieve.  So when you see a friend go overboard with a trend, help her tame her look by gently letting her know it’s too much.  Fashion trends can inspire us to try new things but not all trends are meant for everyone.  The easiest way to pull off a new trend is to ease into it.  If you’re trying out an on-trend color, try it in an accessory, like shoes or a necklace instead of a head-to-toe ensemble.

Kim Kardashion wearing head to toe floral by Givenchy was in need of some trend taming.  Yes, floral is a huge trend, but perhaps a the matching floral shoes and gloved sleeves took the trend a bit too far.  Image courtesy of New York Magazine.

Kim Kardashion wearing head to toe floral by Givenchy was in need of some trend taming. Yes, floral is a huge trend, but perhaps the matching floral shoes and gloved sleeves took the trend a bit too far. Image courtesy of New York Magazine.

Selfie – The advent of social media has led to the popularity of the selfie.  Yes, it’s absurd and a bit egocentric, but take one look at a group of girls in public and you’ll likely find one of them holding their  camera phone out to take a picture of themselves.

To take a good selfie, follow these steps:

1. Lips are important – add some lipstick and be sure to show us a great pout as we’ve all been wondering what your lips look like before you try to kiss someone (insert sarcasm here).

2. Place your arms away from your body – Arms hung away from your body will make you appear 20 pounds lighter…okay, not exactly 20 pounds, but it will make you appear slimmer.

3. Take multiple shots – Taking multiple shots, especially if it’s a group selfie, will ensure you’ll capture the perfect shot of everyone.  It may take you 20 takes, but at least no one leaves crying.  There is no crying when taking selfies!

Hopefully you’ve gotten a good laugh out of these fashion terms as I giggled throughout while writing it.  Stay true to yourself and have fun with fashion, even if it means ending up on the worst dressed list.