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The Go-To Outfit

Posted on: April 8th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

We’ve all had a day where finding something to wear seems next to impossible. And before you know it, every item of clothing you own is now strewn across your bed and floor. It seems the more important the event, the more stressful getting dressed can be. Most of us do not have the time to expertly style our outfits each day. This makes getting ready somewhat of a hassle when crunched for time.

For those days, when nothing seems quite right, you need to turn to your go-to outfit. A go-to outfit is a look that you feel great in. They are the clothing pieces that you are frequently  complimented on and that you are guaranteed to look wonderful in.

My go to outfit - coral hued jacket and matching shoes, animal print clutch and gold and black dress

My go to outfit – coral hued jacket and matching shoes, animal print clutch and gold and black dress

The hardest part for most women is identifying which outfit this is. When perusing your closet, look for a piece of clothing that you love wearing and makes you feel like you. This is exactly the look that needs to become your new go-to outfit.

If after looking through your closet, you have yet to identify your go-to outfit, try looking through photos of yourself. Facebook is a great resource. Most of the photos you’ve uploaded to your page or marked as a profile picture are likely photos that you liked what you were wearing. Scroll through your photos and look for those clothing pieces that make you look and feel your best.

If you are not on Facebook, think about the last time you received compliments on what you were wearing. This is now you’re go-to outfit. Still lost? Call your bestie and ask her which outfit she loves on you. She’ll be honest with you about your most fabulous look.

Next, you need to organize your closet. You should lay out your go-to outfits in an easy to reach location with as many accessories layered on them as possible. If your go-to outfit should be worn with a jacket, hang it together. This is to make it easier to remember how it should be worn.

Beyond picking out your go-to outfit, an organized closet will also help you with getting dressed each day. Organize your clothing by type. Hang each type of clothing together so that when you need a sweater or jacket for a cooler day or air-conditioned interiors, you know where to look for it.

If you’re feeling like, “I always wear the same black dress for every occasion,” swap out the accessories. Instead of wearing plain gold or silver jewelry, opt for a statement necklace with color and coordinate your shoes. The black dress can continue to be your go-to outfit but by swapping out your jewelry, shoes and handbag you’ll create a different look each time.

I recommend including at least one dress into your go-to outfits. Dresses are great for the Florida Keys, as they’ll keep you cool, they’re versatile for both work and play, and can be worn year round. Wearing a dress with heels and a blazer instantly pulls together your look for work, while wearing the same dress with sandals and statement jewelry is perfect for brunch with your girlfriends.

Most women say, “I’ve been shopping all my life and I still have nothing to wear!” With your Go-to outfit already in mind, you will never have to make this statement again.