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Posted on: November 15th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

Just as our wardrobe is curated to our personal style, your home should also be a reflection of you.  A beautiful home can give you and your family a sense of security. If you make it personal and meaningful it can become your haven.  A home is a place to unwind after a long day and a place to celebrate life’s special moments with family and friends.  Each room should reflect your personal taste, which allows your personality to shine through.   Deciding on a style and creating a space both beautiful and practical can feel like an overwhelming task.  But following a few simple steps can ease the way to creating a home you will be proud of.

Consider a Theme

A theme helps you stay focused and provides clarity.  It unifies a home’s décor by  blending rooms together.  The theme you select will encompass the entire home and make each room feel a part of a grand plan.  In the Florida Keys, many homes reflect a nautical or beach theme, bringing in rich blues, nautical stripes and ocean accents.

Select a Color Scheme

Another important step in creating your Florida Keys haven is deciding on the color scheme. Get inspiration from the colors that surround you, bringing the outdoors in and the interior out.  Using colors that reflect your surroundings gives a home a sense of belonging.

When selecting paint colors focus on three main colors to use throughout your home.   In each room you will have a base color and two accent colors.  The base color in the main room of your home will switch in other rooms and may become the accent color. For instance, the accent color can become your base and the base one of your accent colors.  By keeping the same three colors throughout your home, each room in your house will connect to each other. By using variations of your three-color selections your home will have a comfortable flow.

Your home’s theme will assist you in determining your color scheme.  A beach style home might include such colors as blue, aqua, white, tan and beige.  While a nautical themed home may have bold colors such as navy and red paired with various shades of blue, tan and white as accent shades.

Find Inspiration

If you’re needing some inspiration, look no further than your closet.  If one color is a favorite in your wardrobe, than use it as inspiration for your home’s overall look.

Art is another great place to find inspiration for your home’s theme and color scheme.  Pull the colors from your favorite wall art or a throw pillow and use those colors throughout your home.  You can also find inspiration from your surroundings – the sunset or color of the water are a great way to bring your surroundings into your home.

Personalize Your Home

Now that you have a theme and color scheme, it’s time to choose your home’s accent pieces.  Let your personality shine when deciding your décor.  Display photos and books on topics you enjoy, add family heirlooms to maintain tradition and incorporate your favorite pastimes into your home.  Home accessories are what provide the charm and flare that reflect your personality and lifestyle. Make your home personal by incorporating  items that are meaningful to you.

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