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Spring Cleaning

Posted on: May 15th, 2015 by Leah No Comments

When you think of spring cleaning, our closets rarely get a second thought. But with summer right around the corner, this seasonal task is must-do. Summer is the perfect time to shop for your Florida Keys wardrobe as the lightweight clothing now in stores is perfect for our warm weather. But before rushing out and buying every cute summery dress you can find, you need to review what’s already in your closet.

To help with this daunting task, I recommend the following: wear comfortable clothing, play your favorite tunes to get you in a good mood, open a bottle of wine, and invite a brave friend who is brutally honest and has good taste.


Clean First

Before cleaning out your closet, you must first tackle cleaning it up. That means hanging everything that’s taken claim to your closet floor and refolding shirts and slacks that have been haphazardly placed on shelves.

Organize by Type and Color

Once everything has been put back, hang your clothes by type so that all your dresses, slacks, skirts and shirts hang together. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re in a hurry. Also, organize them by color so that all your black dresses are hung together. Not only does this make your clothing more easy to see but it will also help you understand what might be missing from your wardrobe.

Review your Wardrobe

Now go through your clothing and identify items that you no longer wear, no longer fit and that no longer look good on you. This is where your friend will provide value. Often, we attach emotions to our clothing because it was worn for a special occasion or you have always had great luck wearing that red shirt. But as time passes, clothing can look worn, have stains or may not fit quite right, begging you to retire the item no matter how much you love it. For items that are being retired, you have two options, sell or donate. Donate unwanted items to one of the many local charities including the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter and the Domestic Abuse Shelter. If the item has a value and is in good condition, consider selling it through a local consignment shop or online through the Keys Yard Sale Facebook group.

Make a List

Now that your closet has been cleaned out and your unwanted items donated or sold, you will likely see some areas where you are lacking. Make a list for what you might need based on what you have removed from your wardrobe and also what you are clearly lacking. An all black and white closet is not in your best interest so your goal should be to add in some color. Likewise, all color and no basics isn’t the way to go either.

Keep it Clean

Fashion Blogger Leandra Medine, says it best, “Cleaning your closet is a lot like getting a bikini wax. If you neglect the targeted region for too long, the next time you commit to, you know, cleaning it up, it’s painful, frustrating and time consuming.” Your closet is your temple. Keep it cleaned up and organized so you can keep looking like the best version of you.