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Beauty is Pain

Posted on: July 17th, 2015 by Leah No Comments

The majority of fashionistas will admit that at some point they’ve hurt themselves in the name of beauty. Some of the most common include shaving cuts, teeth whitening mishaps, curling iron burns, and foot injuries from inappropriate shoes. But regardless of all these painful side affects of looking good, most of us haven’t altered our behavior. We haven’t stopped shaving or whitening our teeth or curling our hair or wearing high heels. Oh the lengths we’ll go for beautifying ourselves. Below are a few of the silly things we ladies do for beauty.

Plucking, Waxing and Laser Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair is downright unpleasant. It’s not far off from the scene in 40 Year Old Virgin where Steve Carell gets his chest waxed. Short of yelling profanities at our beauticians, I know plenty of woman that have had to pop a Xanax, slather on some numbing cream and/or have a drink or two before a Brazilian appointment.


I’ve figured out where Spanx get their name. Have you actually listened to the sound spanx make as you slide them up over your thighs and around your hips? It’s like a suction cup. If you accidentally let go it will snap against your skin like you’ve just been spanked. The last time I wore a pair I was sweating by the time I got them on and my husband came in wondering what all the grunting was about. The site of me in spanx was probably less appealing than what he thought was happening in the bedroom before opening the door.


Too tight clothing

Last month a woman was hospitalized after wearing skinny jeans while helping a friend move. After spending hours squatting, her feet and legs became numb. And it turns out this isn’t a new thing. Skinny jean wearing has been causing women to develop meralgia paresthetica also known as the “tingling thigh syndrome”. Although I love my skinny jeans as much as the next girl, I would never wear them for rigorous activities such as moving, that’s what stretchy yoga pants are for. Apparently skinny jeans need to come with a disclaimer: “Only to be worn while standing, could cause nerve damage if worn while squatting or sitting for long periods of time.”

High Heels

Have you ever put on a pair of shoes that look amazing and felt fine in the store but cause pain if worn for more than 5 minutes? I literally have shoes in my closet that can only be worn while sitting but I keep them because they look so fabulous! Seriously. To ensure you don’t end up with more shoes in your closet that can’t be worn for walking, you need to do the heel test. While wearing heels in the store, stand straight and try to raise yourself on your toes so there’s at least an inch of space under your heel. If you can’t lift your heel than the heel height is too high and will likely cause you injury before you ever get a chance to walk in them. An orthopedic boot does not a fashion statement make.

Too Heavy Handbags

When I first started seeing a trainer, she did my measurements and noticed that my left bicep was larger than my right. We figured out it was caused by always carrying my handbag on my left arm therefore giving my left bicep an extra workout. Too heavy handbags can also cause back, neck, and shoulder pain and headaches. Now I don’t think this calls for wearing a backpack or pulling a bag on wheels, I happen to like my strong left bicep. But it does mean that you should clean out your handbag and get rid of the extra items you don’t need to carry around on a daily basis. I would also recommend opting for a small clutch for nights out. Give your bicep a break while also giving your outfit a punch.

Ultimately, the best way to look good is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. And doing it without suffering in the name of beauty and fashion is even better.