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Back to Basics

Posted on: September 21st, 2015 by Leah No Comments

As a child, one of my favorite things about going back to school was the back to school shopping trips with my mother and sister.  These trips were necessary to make sure I had clothing for the year ahead. However, as I’ve gotten older, the need to shop during this time of year has become less about necessity and more about taking advantage of the great back to school sales.

Basics are the building blocks of every wardrobe.  These wardrobe staples are what complement the fun, trendy pieces you buy with each season. Basics can be styled a hundred different ways and will always look chic regardless of the current season’s trend.  Because they are often the pieces that are worn the most, fall is a great time of year to replace these items during all the back to school sales.

Great Basics Available at Wild Lily in Islamorada

Great Basics Available at Wild Lily in Islamorada


A great pair of jeans that fits you well will never go out of style. Skinnies were the hot trend last year and flare jeans are in today.  Style of jeans range from boyfriend, high rise, straight, wide leg, flares, and boot cut, and are available in a variety of colors.  With all of these styles to choose from, pick one that flatters your silhouette and wear them until they fall apart.

When shopping for denim, try them on at the end of the day after lunch.  You want to make sure they’ll feel great all day long, and not just in the morning when your stomach is the flattest.  You also should look for jeans with a little bit of stretch for the optimal comfort.

Black Pumps

A classic pair of black heels are a wardrobe staple.  These wear-with-anything shoes are the most reliable and versatile shoes in your closet.  You can dress them up for more formal occasions or dress them down for more casual events.

Look for black heels that are comfortable and not too high.  They should be easy to slip on and comfortable to walk and stand in for a period of time.  Stay away from trendy styles and instead opt for a basic pump, sling back, peep toe, or wedge that you can wear with everything in your closet.

Metallic Sandals

In the Florida Keys, a pair of metallic sandals are a wardrobe must.  With our rough terrain, black heels are not always wearable for outdoor events.  In place of wearing your classic black heels, a pair of metallic sandals can perfectly complement your attire for both dressy and casual events.

Metallic sandals can especially come in handy for outdoor events on the beach, the grass or the keystone rocks.  Choose a metallic color to match the jewelry you tend to wear the most.

Structured Blazer

A structured blazer can make a big impact on an outfit.  Be sure to pick a blazer that is structured both in tailoring and fit and complements your body type.  Regardless of what you’re wearing, a structured blazer can pull together any look from jeans and white tee to a basic sundress.  Instead of wearing light weight knits or sweaters for air conditioned buildings, opt for a blazer in a bright hue to instantly pull together your look.

White Tee

White Tees are another basic that often need to be replaced on a yearly basis.  If you love V-neck white tees perhaps try a scoop neck style this year to add to your wardrobe.

A classic white button up also works like a basic white tee as it can be worn with everything. The difference is a crisp white button up shirt can polish your look in a way that a white tee can not.  For another use, roll the sleeves up and wear your white button up with your metallic sandals as a cover up over your swimsuit for your next outing on the boat or to the beach.

Little Black Dress

A little black dress, or LBD, is a wardrobe must for every fashionista.  The little black dress in your closet should be classic enough that you could wear it to church, work and for a night out.  In other words, it shouldn’t be too short, too tight or too low cut that you couldn’t wear it in front of your boss or your priest.  A basic black wrap dress is a classic silhouette that looks good on every body type as it provides you with a waist accentuating tie in the front, a v neckline to draw attention to your neck and enough flow on the bottom to flatter your figure through the the butt and thighs. If the LBD in your closet is looking a bit worn, it may be time to replace it with a classic style you can wear to everything.


White After Labor Day?

Posted on: September 4th, 2015 by Leah No Comments

Labor Day Weekend is upon us which means it’s time for a long weekend and time to enjoy celebrating with family and friends!  This Monday, September 7 marks the national holiday dedicated to honoring all the hardworking Americans which is typically celebrated with parades, barbecues and time on the water.

Labor Day also signifies the unofficial last day of summer and the end date for wearing white.  I remember as a child growing up in the Midwest that Memorial Day weekend was the date we began wearing our summer wardrobe and Labor Day Weekend was when we packed it all away.  These two weekends marked the start and end of summer and typically the change in the weather.  Wearing white after Labor Day was as much a practicality as it was a fashion faux pas.

Coco Chanel, fashion designer and trend setter, was well-known for wearing white year-round

Coco Chanel, fashion designer and trend setter, was well-known for wearing white year-round

But where did this fashion rule come from?  Originally, the restriction applied only to white shoes which were deemed inappropriate for winter.  However, the rule was extended to white clothing.  In the early 1900s as city dwellers flocked to their summer cottages and seaside escapes, resort wear was their wardrobe staple.  The no-white-after-Labor-Day rule had more to do with the timing of returning to the city than it did to the return of cooler weather.

Wearing white in the hot summer months is sensible as this light hue will keep you cooler than darker tones.  Tradition held that white was reserved for summer resort wear according to older society families concerned about fashion etiquette.  This was also an age when there was a dress code for every occasion.  And returning to the city after Labor Day meant wearing a more formal wardrobe for such city events.

White has now become the color to wear all year long.  Just make sure its appropriate for the weather, the season, and the occasion.  For example, you shouldn’t wear a white sundress when the weather gets cooler, but sporting your white sneakers year-round is now a fashion do according to fashion designers.   For those traveling or living up north, wearing white in luxurious cashmere, wool or cotton are perfect for cooler days. You may also want to try wearing other shades of white such as winter white or cream for a chic alternative to the classic hue.  The rule of thumb, if you can’t keep it clean, don’t wear it.  In other words, stay away from wearing white on rainy or snowy days when it would be next to impossible to keep clean.

In the Florida Keys, our year-round warm weather makes white a wardrobe staple. White jeans, capris, blouses, and tanks can be worn throughout our warm weather seasons and is great for keeping cool.  The only time white should never be worn is to a wedding – this hue is reserved solely for the bride.  So embrace wearing white and be a fashion trend setter this year.