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10 Ways to Sparkle this New Year’s Eve

Posted on: December 31st, 2015 by Leah No Comments

New Year’s Eve is the one time of year when wearing glamorous outfits is expected, if not the norm.  Whether you’ve planned to celebrate with a night on the town or you’ve decided to stay closer to home, New Year’s Eve is the time to embrace your inner and outer sparkle.

Pink Glitter Beards of Instagram

Pink Glitter Beards of Instagram

Below are 10 ways to sparkle this New Year’s Eve.


1.     Break out your sequined party dress to help ring in the New Year.  Sequined dresses are the unofficial uniform for women on New Year’s Eve. If a dress seems too formal for your plans, opt for a sequined skirt, jacket or shirt and pair it with denim or all black for a more casual look.

2.     A classic LBD is a party staple.  Add some bling to your dress to glam up your look.  The bigger the bling the better.  Try layering your bling by wearing multiple necklaces and bracelets at the same time.

3.     Regardless of your plans, there is no reason your feet can’t have fun.  Whether you pair your sequin heels with a cute dress or wear them with your PJs while snuggling on the couch, glittery shoes are a must for NYE.

4.     Use shiny accessories to draw attention to your best assets.  A patent leather belt will help emphasize your curves while big glittering earrings or a metallic necklace will draw attention to your face.

5.     Glitter beards are the hot new trend for men this holiday season.  This hipster hair style is helping men get in the festive mood by meshing glitter into their whiskers. For inspiration, google #GlitterBeards for all sorts of ideas on how to apply and wear glitter in your facial hair this New Year’s Eve.

6.     Glitter nail polish is a great way to jazz up your nails.  Opt for multi colored glitter polish or a solid color to match your outfit.

7.     A tiara is the perfect party accessory for every fashionista.  And the best part is all your friends will want to borrow it throughout the night.

8.     A sparkly clutch can add color to your ensemble while also keeping you organized.  Coordinate your bag with your other accessories including your shoes and jewelry by keeping it in the same color tone.

9.     Finish your look by highlighting your best facial features with dramatic make-up.  Try glittery eye shadow in a gold or silver to make your eyes really pop.

10.  Glitter Poop – yes you read that correctly.  Just in case you still don’t have enough sparkle in your life, Etsy.com sells glitter pills to make your poop sparkle.


Wishing you a sparkling New Year’s Eve and 2016.

The Perfect Hostess Gift

Posted on: December 12th, 2015 by Leah No Comments

‘Tis the season for holiday parties.  Attending the many fetes’ this time of year can certainly put you in the festive spirit, but it can also provide stress to find the perfect hostess gifts. One look at your event calendar will remind you that your shopping list just got a lot longer and more expensive.  So as not to show up empty-handed, here are a few ideas for you to provide a memorable hostess gift that won’t break the bank.

Key Largo Chocolates

Key Largo Chocolates handmade truffles made the perfect hostess gift.


A bottle of wine is always an appreciated hostess gift.  But considering that all the other guests are likely to provide this same gift, opt for something a little different.  Instead, bring a bottle of champagne.  There is nothing like a little bubbly when celebrating the holidays.  Just make sure to bring a nice bottle in the $15+ range so as not to provide her with the dreaded cheap champagne headache the next morning.  This is not the type of “memorable” gift you want to give.

Personalize It

If you’ve known the host for a long time, consider making the gift more personal by having his or her initials added to it.  This provides some planning as you’ll need to order it in advance.  Consider monogrammed stationary, kitchen towels, or champagne flutes that will leave your host thinking of you every time they use them.

Bake it or Fake it

If you don’t have time to make something for your host, there is no reason you can’t fake it.  Pick up some beautiful cupcakes or cookies from the local bakery and put them in a holiday tin.  When she asks for the recipe, you can let her in on the secret!

Something from the Florida Keys

If you’re traveling for the holidays, consider bringing your host something from the Keys.  Key Largo Chocolates are a favorite that hosts always love.  They’ll especially love you when they’re finished cleaning the house after the guests have left and can sit and enjoy a mouthwatering key lime milk chocolate truffle.  Key Largo Chocolates is located at 100470 Overseas Highway or you can order your handmade truffles online at KeyLargoChocolates.com.

Have Gifts on Hand

In an effort never to show up to someone’s house empty-handed, always have a few items tucked away for last minute hostess gifts.  This way, if you don’t have time to run out and pick up a gift you’ll still have something nice and thoughtful to give.  Keep bottles of champagne or wine, candles, and stationary on hand for gifts every host will appreciate.  Simply tie on a cute bow with ribbon on the gift and apply a little red lipstick and now you’re ready for the next party.

Happy Holidays!