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Posted on: June 6th, 2016 by Leah No Comments

Athleisure is the latest buzzword in fashion.  The trend of wearing athletic wear for activities beyond the gym has been growing since Lululemon and luxury designers realized more women were wanting function and comfort in their wardrobe.

Sporty-chic skorts will take you from pool to lunch with performance fabrics made to dry quickly.  Gretchen Scott skort available at Islamorada Mercantile.

Sporty-chic skorts will take you from pool to lunch with performance fabrics made to dry quickly. Gretchen Scott skort available at Islamorada Mercantile.

Who knew wearing yoga pants all day was “on-trend”. Since becoming a mom eight months ago, yoga pants have become my lifeline.  They can take the brunt of baby spit up, sticky fingers and keeping up with an active crawler. Even before pregnancy and the arrival of baby, I would arrive home from work, pour myself a glass of wine and slip into some yoga pants. I thought this was the norm and apparently now it is.

But just because athleisure is accepted, doesn’t mean there aren’t dos and don’ts to be aware of.  Below are some guidelines for when and how to wear it.

Get the Fit Right

With performance wear becoming everyday wear, it’s even more important that the apparel fit you well.  There is no reason to reveal everything by wearing clothing that is too tight.  Now that you’ll be wearing it to the grocery store, the soccer field and the coffee shop, be sure the backside of your pants aren’t transparent.

A few years ago, my sister informed me that my butt was visible in a pair of pants I’d been wearing on my morning walks.  I hope to save you all from that feeling of realizing you’ve been mooning the entire neighborhood.  I had to find a new route just to walk my dog from the shame of exposing my derrière every time I bent over to pick up dog poop.  The rule when buying athletic pants is to bend over in front of the mirror while trying them on.  If you can see your underwear, don’t buy them.

Mix Function and Fashion

The benefit of athleisure gaining in popularity is you are no longer restricted to plain black active wear.  Athletic apparel now includes designer leggings, cashmere sweats and layering pieces in a variety of colors, patterns, and detailing.  In the Florida Keys, look for versatile pieces that can take you from beach to bar.

  • Rash guards and swim shirts are made for water but with sporty cuts and flattering designs you’ll want to wear them everywhere. Pair them with shorts or a skirt for a day-to-night look.
  • Skorts are another type of active wear that will provide comfort and versatility. Look for a pair with performance fabric for quick drying, odor resisting and moisture wicking.  You can wear a skort from pool or ocean to lunch and drinks, perfect for the Florida Keys.
  • Look for sporty-chic apparel with mesh details. Mesh is no longer reserved for men’s gym shorts.  You’ll now find mesh details on everything from pencil skirts and tanks to handbags and stilettos.

Where to Wear It

Many designer brands are now blurring the lines between active and everyday fashions. But, just because it looks like everyday apparel, doesn’t mean it should be worn to events and places that require more formal clothing. Unless you work at a gym, workout gear is never appropriate for the office.  As comfortable as stretchy pants are, none of your colleagues want to know you that well.  In addition, formal events such as weddings and funerals should be given the respect they deserve with attire matching the occasion and request of the host.