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July 29th is National Lipstick Day

Posted on: July 28th, 2017 by Leah No Comments

When I’m having a blah day, red lipstick is the cure to make me feel more like myself.  For generations, women have relied on lipstick to be more than just a fashion statement.  Woman wear lipstick because of the feeling it evokes when they wear it. That tiny tube of rouge has the power to make the wearer feel bold, confident, sexy and ready to conquer the world.

Since the 1940’s, red lipstick has been the symbol of feminine glamour.  Consider Marilyn Monroe without her crimson pout.  In recent years, the color has returned to the spotlight with celebrities such as Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift and Dita Von Teese calling it their signature makeup look.

However, through history there has been a love/hate relationship with lipstick.  In celebration of National Lipstick Day on July 29th, below are some fascinating facts on lipstick.

Lipstick was first invented and worn by women around 3000 B.C.  Ancient Mesopotamian women used crushed gemstones to decorate their lips.

Famous Egyptian, Cleopatra VII, created her signature red shade by crushing ants and carmine in a base of beeswax.

Red lipstick according to the Greek Empire signaled that a woman was a prostitute as most women of that time did not wear makeup.

During the Roman Empire, lipstick was worn by both men and women to indicate their social status and suggest their rank.

In the late 1700s, the British Parliament passed a law stating that women who wore makeup were witches who attempt to lure men into marriage.

George Washington was known to wear both lipstick and makeup along with his powdered wig.

In 1915, the first metal lipstick tube was invented by Maurice Levy making it available to women for on-the-go application.  Within years, major beauty brands such as Chanel and Estée Lauder started selling lipstick.

All makeup except lipstick was rationed during World War II.  Winston Churchill kept lipstick in production because he felt it had a positive effect on morale.

By the 1950s, Hollywood stars began wearing the shade making it even more popular. Elizabeth Taylor is said to have had some diva moments about her red lipstick demanding that she be the only one on her movie sets to wear it.

Prior to her 1952 coronation ceremony, Queen Elizabeth II commissioned a soft red-blue shade of lipstick to match he coronation robe.

New pastel and nude colors of lipsticks emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, with black and purple hues emerging during the punk movement.

Today, red lipstick is still a classic.  And it’s clear that the red lip with its powerful effects are here to stay.  In the words of Elizabeth Taylor, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together” in celebration of National Lipstick Day.

Fashion Tips for the Fashionista

Posted on: July 17th, 2017 by Leah No Comments

Every fashionista has a few clothing and styling tips and tricks up their sleeve.  You don’t go through life without learning a thing or two about how to navigate a wardrobe malfunction and various other style dilemmas. Below are 15 of the best tips to keep you looking stylish.

  1. Keep diamonds sparkling by regularly cleaning with a liquid dishwasher detergent and an old toothbrush.
  2. Shave your legs using coconut oil for a close, smooth shave that also moisturizes your skin for soft and silky legs. And always shave the day before going in the ocean to avoid any irritation or burning from the salt water.
  3. Find a good cobbler and routinely bring in shoes that need repair. A good shoe repairmen can fully rebuild the sole, heel and remove signs of wear and tear to improve the overall appearance of shoes.
  4. Remove grease and oil stains from clothing using Dawn dish soap. Simply scrub into stain and then add to washer with other items.
  5. Invest in Hollywood Fashion Tape to hold clothing in place. This clear double-stick apparel and body tape will hide bra straps, prevent blouse gaps between buttons, secure plunging necklines and will keep wrap dresses and blouses secured. (Available at Wear With All Boutique in Key Largo)
  6. When trying on jeans, always opt for the smaller size as denim stretches with wear.
  7. Use white wine to remove red wine stains. Remove any remaining red wine with a clean cloth, blot with white wine and then add to washer with the rest of your laundry.
  8. Never put swimwear in the washing machine. Instead hand wash suits using a mild soap meant for lingerie and swimwear to prevent snags and keep suits from losing their elasticity.  (Available at Lions Lair Boutique in Islamorada)
  9. When in double opt for nude pumps. The classic color and shape are effortlessly chic while also making your legs look longer.
  10. If the shoe fits, buy it in every color. This also goes for great dresses, slacks, shirts and skirts.  If you find something you love that fits well, don’t be afraid to buy it in multiple colors.
  11. Wear a daily sunscreen and always wear body sunscreen and a lip balm with SPF when spending time outdoors. (Try Surface Tropix SPF30 lip balm in Pina Colada from Otherside Boardsports in Islamorada)
  12. When shopping for an important occasion (wedding dress, formal gala, job interview outfit, etc.) wear your hair and makeup as you are planning to for the event. It’s also important to wear the proper undergarments and the shoe you plan to wear to really get a feel for how the dress or outfit will look.
  13. Use Windex to clean patent leather and restore the glossy sheen on shoes, belts and bags.
  14. Keep iron-on hemline tape on hand to quickly and easily repair fallen hemlines of skirts, dresses and pants.
  15. Wear color. With the plethora of colorful accessories currently on the market, it’s easy to brighten up any look with a vivid handbag, statement earrings or strappy sandals in a bold hue.  For a fresh look, mix two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as hot pink and red or yellow and orange.

And the #1 rule in fashion is to always wear what you feel good in.  After all, confidence is the best fashion accessory.

Wedding Etiquette

Posted on: July 7th, 2017 by Leah No Comments

I recently read an article from an upset bride who wrote into an advice column on slate.com.  Her dilemma was whether to continue being friends with the best man of their wedding who proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the ceremony.  How could this best man have chosen that moment to propose to his girlfriend – a moment that the bride and groom had planned for months and that should have been solely theirs?  Apparently, no one ever told him about wedding etiquette.

As we approach the height of wedding season, here are few thoughts to help you with what to do and what not to do as a wedding guest.


When you receive your invitation, look for the reply card and the “due date”. This is the date the couple is requesting to know whether you are or are not attending.   This date is important as most venues require couples to commit to a specific number of attendees by a specific date.  So be sure to send in your RSVP as soon as possible.

DO NOT assume you can bring a date

If you are invited to bring a date, the invitation will be addressed to you and guest.  This is important, as many couples must stay under a certain number of people to stay within their budget.  If you are invited solo, find out who else is attending and plan your accommodations and transportation together.  If you’re too uncomfortable to attend alone, then decline the invitation.  But whatever you do, do not ask the couple if you can bring a date.  If they could afford to have you plus a guest, they would have addressed the invitation that way.

DO bring a gift

As with any gift, it’s not about how much you spend, it’s the thought that counts.  There is no minimum or maximum amount that should be spent, just consider your budget and your relationship to the couple when purchasing the gift.  Most couples will register for items they would like to start their life together.  If you’re not sure where they’ve registered, try googling their names and its likely their registry will appear.  Shop early for the best selection and ship it directly to the couple’s house.  This will save you the hassle of hauling the gift to the ceremony and will save the couple from having to get it home.

Do be on time

Yes, it’s true that most weddings start late, but you shouldn’t be.  Plan to be there at least 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony and be sure to use the restroom before it starts so you won’t need to make an untimely exit.

DO NOT wear white

White and ivory are reserved for the bride on her wedding day.  Plan your outfit while adhering to the dress code.    In most cases, the invitation will denote the dress code for the celebration.  If not, look at the time of day and venue as an indication on what to wear.  It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed so even if the wedding is casual, choose a dress or skirt to celebrate the occasion.

DO NOT post photos to social media

The bride and groom have hired photographers and videographers to capture the day and night. And many places of worship prohibit the use of phones or cameras during a religious ceremony. If you feel you absolutely must take photos of the bride and groom, wait until the reception and then be sure to get the couples’ permission before posting them to social media. Better yet, turn off your phone and be there in the moment.  Let the professional photographer and videographer capture you celebrating with the bride and groom.

And finally,

DO celebrate

Weddings are a time for celebration so be sure to wear your dancing shoes and socialize with other guests.  Although you should have fun, DO NOT get drunk.  An open bar does not mean you should become overserved.  One drink too many and you could create a lasting impression on the couple and all their guests.