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Fashion Tips for the Fashionista

Posted on: July 17th, 2017 by Leah No Comments

Every fashionista has a few clothing and styling tips and tricks up their sleeve.  You don’t go through life without learning a thing or two about how to navigate a wardrobe malfunction and various other style dilemmas. Below are 15 of the best tips to keep you looking stylish.

  1. Keep diamonds sparkling by regularly cleaning with a liquid dishwasher detergent and an old toothbrush.
  2. Shave your legs using coconut oil for a close, smooth shave that also moisturizes your skin for soft and silky legs. And always shave the day before going in the ocean to avoid any irritation or burning from the salt water.
  3. Find a good cobbler and routinely bring in shoes that need repair. A good shoe repairmen can fully rebuild the sole, heel and remove signs of wear and tear to improve the overall appearance of shoes.
  4. Remove grease and oil stains from clothing using Dawn dish soap. Simply scrub into stain and then add to washer with other items.
  5. Invest in Hollywood Fashion Tape to hold clothing in place. This clear double-stick apparel and body tape will hide bra straps, prevent blouse gaps between buttons, secure plunging necklines and will keep wrap dresses and blouses secured. (Available at Wear With All Boutique in Key Largo)
  6. When trying on jeans, always opt for the smaller size as denim stretches with wear.
  7. Use white wine to remove red wine stains. Remove any remaining red wine with a clean cloth, blot with white wine and then add to washer with the rest of your laundry.
  8. Never put swimwear in the washing machine. Instead hand wash suits using a mild soap meant for lingerie and swimwear to prevent snags and keep suits from losing their elasticity.  (Available at Lions Lair Boutique in Islamorada)
  9. When in double opt for nude pumps. The classic color and shape are effortlessly chic while also making your legs look longer.
  10. If the shoe fits, buy it in every color. This also goes for great dresses, slacks, shirts and skirts.  If you find something you love that fits well, don’t be afraid to buy it in multiple colors.
  11. Wear a daily sunscreen and always wear body sunscreen and a lip balm with SPF when spending time outdoors. (Try Surface Tropix SPF30 lip balm in Pina Colada from Otherside Boardsports in Islamorada)
  12. When shopping for an important occasion (wedding dress, formal gala, job interview outfit, etc.) wear your hair and makeup as you are planning to for the event. It’s also important to wear the proper undergarments and the shoe you plan to wear to really get a feel for how the dress or outfit will look.
  13. Use Windex to clean patent leather and restore the glossy sheen on shoes, belts and bags.
  14. Keep iron-on hemline tape on hand to quickly and easily repair fallen hemlines of skirts, dresses and pants.
  15. Wear color. With the plethora of colorful accessories currently on the market, it’s easy to brighten up any look with a vivid handbag, statement earrings or strappy sandals in a bold hue.  For a fresh look, mix two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as hot pink and red or yellow and orange.

And the #1 rule in fashion is to always wear what you feel good in.  After all, confidence is the best fashion accessory.