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Spring Trends 2015: The 70’s are Back!

Posted on: April 3rd, 2015 by Leah No Comments

Spring fashion is calling your inner hippy. Runway trends displayed collections with patchwork patterns, fringe accents, flared pants, colored suede, and bohemian looks straight from the 70’s. If you’ve always been a hippy at heart, bring your flowy frocks out of storage and wear them in all their glory knowing this season you are right on trend.

For those of you less than enthused with bringing back the groovy 70’s, below are several other spring styles to add to your wardrobe.

Gingham Designs by Oscar de la Renta Spring 2015

Gingham Designs by Oscar de la Renta Spring 2015

Yellow Fever

Nothing says spring like a pop of color. From amber to canary, to muted pastels and marigold, any color of yellow will bring a dose of sunshine to your wardrobe. The trick is finding a color of yellow that looks great on you. If you have a pale skin tone, dark yellow or mustard hues would best suit you. For dark or olive complexions, go for lemon and bright yellows to make your skin glow.   Aren’t sold on this happy hue? Instead of wearing this color as a larger pieces such as a dress or jacket, try it in a fun accessory like a pair of shoes or a clutch bag to bring color to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

All White
Not a fan of color? Then the all white trend is for you.   Try white in a head-to-toe ensemble for a fashion forward look. Clean, all white silhouettes look great whether wearing a flowy bohemian dress or donning a casual look. Try wearing all white with simple metallic jewelry and shoes for an effortless and classic feel.

Bare Shoulders

This fashion trend for spring is all about highlighting the shoulders with interesting necklines. Many of this season’s designers showed off-the-shoulder and bold one-shoulder designs to create interest in the neckline. It’s a great way to show off your sun kissed skin without flaunting too much. Try this trend through a new top paired casually with a pair of shorts or dressed up with a skirt for a fun night out.


You can finally give your feet a rest, comfortable shoes are in. Ditch last seasons Birkenstocks and instead opt for cute sandals, sneakers and flats perfect for life in the Florida Keys. Create an interesting combination by pairing a fun colored sneaker with a dress or skirt. Your feet will rejoice when you give your wedges and heels a break for the night out. Plus imagine how much longer you can dance when wearing comfortable shoes!

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are a classic wardrobe staple. If this seasons trend isn’t already a part of your wardrobe, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in a cute style. Effortlessly chic, shirt dresses are perfect for day or night and double as a fabulous swimsuit cover up. Look for shirt dresses reimagined with high slits or a fun pattern.

Gingham Style

Move over plaid, this season is all about gingham. This sixties-inspired print no longer carries the sweet and innocent vibe from Dorothy’s blue and white gingham dress on The Wizard of Oz. Instead, this retro design is showing up in a variety of color combinations and print sizes for a fresh look. Classic black and white gingham looks great blown up in size and also on sheer fabrics. No longer just a picnic table print, this pattern is making a major come back. Look for enlarged patterned gingham dresses and skirts in a fun color for a ladylike twist on this retro print.

Happy Shopping!


10 Signs You Have a Shopping Problem

Posted on: March 25th, 2015 by Leah No Comments

Who doesn’t love to shop?  But when does that love turn from passion to obsession?  While most of us aren’t shopping addicts, your shopping behaviors may be harming your bank account and adding to the clutter in your closet.  Below are 10 signs that you may have a shopping problem.


You buy garments that have limited wear

When you are shopping for clothing, before buying the item think of three outfits  you can wear it with.  If you can’t come up with three outfits, than you will not wear the item often enough to make the purchase worth the money.  This is especially true of investment pieces.   Investment pieces must be versatile enough to warrant the price tag, like a handbag or a piece of jewelry you will wear every day.

Packages arrive you don’t remember ordering

You should be excited about a purchase you make anticipating its arrival and the opportunity to wear it.   If packages arrive that you don’t remember purchasing, it may be a sign that you don’t really need what you bought and it would be best to just return it.

You don’t remove an item when you add a new item to your wardrobe

As a rule of thumb, use the one in, one out rule.  When you buy something new, you need to remove one thing from your closet.  This will make you regularly review your inventory for articles of clothing that you are no longer wearing so that you don’t have to do a huge closet cleaning each year.

You often sleep walk shop in the middle of the night

Insomnia is a problem many face, but when you’re having a sleepless night try reading instead of online shopping.  Online shopping at this time of night will only lead to buyer’s remorse because you didn’t read the return policy and are now stuck with an item in the wrong size and color.

You still have tags on more than 5 items in your closet

If you bought something more than a month ago and still haven’t worn it.  It’s time to return it.  Most return policies are 30 days so you may still have a chance to get your money back.  If you haven’t worn it in 30 days than you likely don’t love it as much as you thought you did when you bought it.

You buy pieces of clothing for only one occasion

Very few people have the type of disposable income where they can afford to wear an outfit only once.  Weddings and celebrations warrant wearing something you feel fabulous in.  However, make sure that the dress you buy is something you can wear again to a future event.  By changing up your accessories you can create a new look without buying a whole new outfit.

You buy items you can’t afford

Purchasing items you can’t afford will cause more stress than it’s worth.  Instead of splurging on something in the moment, save your money each month so that when you have finally save enough, you can feel good about the purchase.

You buy items that are the wrong size

Never buy items that don’t fit when you try them on in the store.  We all would like to lose 10 pounds but buying something that doesn’t fit hoping it will fit once you lose weight is not the way to go.

You shop just to shop

Window shopping can be fun but if you find yourself purchasing items that you really don’t love or need, then it may be time to put down the credit card.  It’s best to go shopping when you know you really need something.  Maybe your skinny jeans are in desperate need of being replaced, or perhaps you have an event coming up and your black heels have reached their expiration date.  You wouldn’t go to the grocery store without a list or at least an idea of what you need so why would you go shopping for clothing without a plan?

You don’t know what you have

Fashionistas know that the more you have, the less you wear.  If your closet is so crammed that you don’t even know what you have, than it may be time for a major closet cleaning.  Go through your closet and get rid of the items that don’t fit, have holes or stains, and that haven’t been worn in a year.  As you get rid of things, make a list of wardrobe staples that need to be replaced.  If you consign some of your unwanted clothing, you can use the money you get from selling them to buy the items you need to replace.


Fall Fashion Trends

Posted on: November 15th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

The humidity has finally subsided and it’s time to pull out your fall favorites. Embracing fall trends can be tricky when you live in a tropical climate. And this fall is all about cozy knits, boxy wrap jackets and capes, and shearling accents which may be a bit too wintery for our weather in the Florida Keys. But there are many trends that will easily help you make the transition your summer wardrobe into fall.

When trying to figure out how to work a new trend into your wardrobe, it’s always best to start with classic pieces such as accessories or a jacket. Review the list of fall trends below and then add a few key pieces to your wardrobe to update your look.

Gucci embraces the call of the wild with this leopard ensemble at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

Gucci embraces the call of the wild with this leopard ensemble at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014


Midi Skirts

A midi skirt is a skirt or dress that hits in the middle of your calf. It’s fashion forward and a major trend for fall. This ladylike look can work for office or fun by pairing it with the proper accessories. Take a look at the next few trends below and try wearing a midi skirt with leopard or buy one in a bold hue like blue or orange.

Seeing Spots

Fall’s boldest print is leopard. This classic pattern is hot, hot, hot. Whether worn head to toe or as an accent, leopard is the most eye catching trend for fall. Worn as an accent with black is a safe bet, but to create a wow factor try wearing leopard with primary colors such as yellow, blue or red. If you’re going to wear the pattern head to toe, make sure the prints are different sizes to create contrast so you don’t end up looking like you’re dressed for a Halloween party.

Color is the new black

Make an impact this season with color. Don’t cast aside your springy pastels just yet. Mint green, pastel pink and baby blue pieces are still hot for fall. Transition your pastel staples into fall by pairing it with more wintery textures and dark accents such as leather, black and tweed.

Orange and blue took over the runways for fall 2014. From juicy brights to subdued muted hues, you can find these beautiful shades in a range of colors to complement your skin tone. For a modern take on the color trend, wear your favorite shade from top to bottom, or mix a few to create a color-blocked ensemble.

If you’re sick of black and white, try a happy medium of both and go for some gray. Gray makes a beautiful pairing with pastels, sapphire blue and juicy orange.

Add Layers and Textures

Layering is easily one of my favorite dressing techniques for fall. Layer a summer dress with lightweight scarves and fitted jackets to look effortlessly stylish while also making good use of your entire wardrobe. To add texture to an ensemble, try mixing in a new texture you don’t wear often like leather, lace, sequins, brocade, and tweed. Just make sure the textures you fall in love with are still light weight enough for our winter weather in the Keys. Get extra bold and mix the textures. Leather and lace can look pretty amazing together.

Fashion trends are open to your interpretation, so have fun and break out of your normal style boundaries. Happy shopping.

How to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

Posted on: July 24th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

Buyer’s remorse has happened to us all at some point following a shopping trip. You fell in love with it in the store, but after getting it home you realize the color or fit wasn’t quite right or maybe it was just too much money. In most cases, you can return the item and get your money back. However, there are times when a return isn’t possible and now you’re stuck with the unwanted item. Here are a few tips to help you avoid buyer’s remorse in the future.

Buying a luxury bag at a consignment store is a great way to own a Louis Vuitton like this one at half the cost.

Buying a luxury bag at a consignment store is a great way to own a Louis Vuitton like this one at half the cost.

Never shop just to shop

Shopping is a fun pastime but you need to recognize when you’re just in the mood to purchase something new or whether you really do need some new items for your wardrobe. If you catch yourself in the shopping-just-to-shop-mood, make note of it and recognize that today isn’t the day to make any expensive purchases. Instead, make a list of the items your wardrobe is lacking and clothing and accessories that need to be replaced. When you know what you need, you can go shopping with purpose.

Wait a Day

If you are unsure about an item, give yourself a day or two to think about it. You can put the item on hold or leave it in your online shopping cart. If you are still thinking about it the next day, then buy it. You’d be surprised how often you will completely forget about the item by the next day. This is especially important when making a more expensive purchase.

Don’t Splurge

Before splurging on a big purchase, ask yourself these questions.
1. How often will I use this?
– Buying special occasion pieces is okay once in a while, buy truly expensive items should be worn often. If you are going to use the item daily or even several times a week, then it isn’t a bad purchase.

2. Is it trendy or classic?
– Trendy pieces go out of style and may not have the shelf life that an investment piece deserves. Instead, purchase the item in a cheaper brand and save your investments for classic pieces you will wear often and well into the future.

3. Will I still love it a year from now?
In fashion, newly covetable items emerge each season, so splurging on the “it” bag of the month may have you regretting that decision after only a few short months of wear. If you’ll still love the item a year from now, then you know you’re making the right decision to purchase it.

4. Is this an impulse buy?
Before buying a house or a car, you save money and do research. Saving and researching before purchasing a big item is the best way to shop guilt-free. You can also make a list of pros and cons to help you sort through whether this investment piece is really for you.

5. Can I afford it?
– If you’re buying something that is as much as your mortgage payment, then it needs some consideration and should be taken seriously. Impulse purchases on expensive items can impact your financial future and wellbeing and should not be purchased without thoughtful consideration.

Shopping makes us feel good. Purchasing a new or coveted item triggers the release of brain chemicals that gives you a “shopping high.” Understanding this can help you make sense of shopping impulses, avoid buyer’s remorse, and lower your risk for overspending. Now that you understand what to avoid, go ahead and shop responsibly!


Sole Sisters

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014 by Leah No Comments

When I first moved to the Keys, I was concerned I might be the only person living here who dreamt of stilettos, strappy sandals and sexy sling-backs . After a few months as a local, I attended an event where a woman approached me to tell me what fabulous shoes I had on. I was wearing a pair of red and ivory Mary Jane style heels that were, in fact, fabulous. When I looked down, she had on some equally amazing shoes and I knew from then on we would be sole sisters.


We don’t all own a collection like Imelda Marcus, who amassed over 3,000 shoes from world-famous designers including Ferragamo, Givenchy, Chanel and Christian Dior. However, according to a ShopSmart Magazine poll, American woman do have some interesting behaviors when it comes to purchasing and wearing shoes. On average, woman have 19 pairs of shoes in their closets but only four pairs are worn on a regular basis. In fact, 24% of shoes in our closets have been worn only once and 13% admit to hiding shoe purchases from a significant other. Another quite comical fact: 43% admit that they’ve been injured by their shoes. My guess is this statistic would be higher if they interviewed women in the Florida Keys. Uneven terrain and dock-like platforms can make for some interesting, if not, dangerous situations. It’s been my experience that when your heel catches in between two slats, your body continues to propel forward at the speed of which you are moving. A body in motion, stays in motion, so they say.

imelda marcus shoe closet

The amazing closet of Imelda Marcus.

Now that you understand that more women are like you than not like you, it’s time to figure out whether your shoe collection is meeting your needs.

Woman own 19 pairs of shoes

This article prompted me to count my own collection, which was well over 100 pairs (gasp!). To be fair, I’m in the process of selling five pairs. Okay, it’s still a bit over the top, I know, but I really do wear well over half of them regularly. The other half are evening wear, winter shoes and shoes reserved for specific occasions that get worn when those occasions present themselves. For instance, my tap dance shoes will get worn when I decide to take another tap dance class.

If your own shoe collection is a bit overwhelming it’s time to clean out your closet. If you haven’t worn them in a year or two, it’s time to get rid of them. Sell them at a consignment store or ebay, or donate them to a worthy cause such as the Domestic Abuse Shelter and Florida Keys Children’s Shelter.   By cleaning out the clutter, you’ll be able to find your shoes more quickly and may actually wear them more.

Only Four Pairs are Worn Regularly

Four! This is quite pathetic ladies. Shoes can completely change the look of an outfit. I recommend moving the shoes you wear most often to a less easily accessible place so that other beauties can make their debut. Put a few colorful pairs in front and don’t be afraid to mix it up. When you normally would reach for your black patent leather heels, instead opt for a bright fuschia heel or go for black and white wedges. A little color or a different silhouette will create a whole new look.

13% admit to hiding shoe purchases from significant others

Not that I’ve ever done this before but here are a few good hiding places I discovered in my “research”. The trunk of your car is a great place to “store” shoes until the opportunity presents itself to be moved into the house and immediately into your closet. If arriving by mail, explain that they’re a gift. He doesn’t need to know that the gift is for you. Kitchen cupboards are also a useful place to put shoes if you are surprised in the kitchen after a recent shopping trip. Quickly put the boxes into your cupboard and he’ll just think you’re prepping for dinner. Just be sure to remove them promptly if your significant other happens to do a lot of cooking.

The Essentials

Beyond tennis shoes and flip flops, below is a list of footwear essential for every wardrobe:

PicMonkey Collage

– Black Heels – these are a necessary staple that can be worn with a plethora of looks. From work outfits to casual nights out, a simple pair of comfortable black heels is a must. Go for black leather or black patent leather for a little more oomph.

– Colorful Heels – you must own one brightly colored heel that can transform your outfit. It will make a plain black dress more interesting and elevate a classic look to instant chic. My favorite statement heels are in yellow, fuschia, red and royal blue.

– Metallic Strappy Sandals – gold or silver strappy sandals are the perfect shoe to be paired with evening wear for weddings, galas and formal affairs. Metallic sandals also look fabulous when paired with jeans and will make a casual look more sophisticated.

– Ballerina Flat – comfortable and stylish, these darling must-haves work for day or evening and always look fashionable.

– The Wedge – For Florida Keys girls, we need a high heeled shoe that can handle the terrain, and the wedge is it. Much more comfortable than their stiletto counterparts, the wedge can work around the clock and looks great with casual and formal apparel. Try a pair in a neutral hue such as black or tan and you’ll find they go with everything.

Marilyn Monroe said it best, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Put another way, fill your world with fabulous shoes and walk towards your dreams.



Arm Candy

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I got THE call. The call was from my friend letting me know her new bundle of joy had arrived. That bundle… was a Birkin. I was as excited as I would have been had she told me she was delivering her first child.   We promptly named her red beauty, ‘Scarlet’.

Birkin’s are the holy grail of handbags. Handmade by Hermes of materials including crocodile, ostrich and diamond studded leather, these IT bags are produced in limited quantities that create an exclusivity for owners. Birkin’s are a status symbol few will have the privilege of knowing. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham supposedly own over 100 Birkins worth more than $2 Million.


Birkins are not within the realm of possibility for most of us but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own a great bag. There are four things that every woman should splurge on: a great hair cut, a classic watch, quality shoes, and a beautiful bag. These are things that are worn daily and can transform a simple look into a fabulous outfit. If you invest wisely in these four pieces, your outfits will always look chic no matter what you’re wearing.

Everyone’s splurge level is different. Some people can afford several thousand dollars for an It bag, while others may only have $100 to spend. Regardless of your budget, your money will go further if you are smart about how you spend it. Shop consignment stores and online discount stores for greatly discounted designer bags.   Sales are another way to spend less for a beautiful bag.

When shopping for a new bag, make sure that it can hold MILK – money, identification, lipstick and keys. In addition, it should also be able to fit your cell phone. If the bag is too small to carry these items, then don’t buy it. A bag this small isn’t functional and therefore won’t get worn.

There are four essential handbags no wardrobe should be without:

– Oversized Tote – Choose a durable fabric that can be used for both work and travel. Choose a style with minimal hardware that can hold both your computer and a few personal items.

– Black Clutch – this is a wardrobe staple that can worn for casual occasions and evening ware. A simple black clutch will always be in style and will be worn for decades.

– Classic Handbag – choose a simple and sturdy silhouette in a neutral hue such as tan, brown, black, or navy. This is your everyday bag that can be worn with every outfit. I would also argue that deep burgandy, red, or snakeskin bags are great neutrals that can be worn for everyday and double as statement bags.

– Statement Clutch – you need one outfit maker clutch in a bright color. This is the bag that transforms a simple look to fabulous.

Christina’s Boutique located at 10990 Overseas Highway in Marathon has expanded their selection of woman’s apparel and accessories to include consignment items. Their large selection of handbags will provide you with plenty of arm candy to choose from and will help you in finding several essential bags to cross off your list.

Christina's Boutique sells beautiful totes, classic everyday bags and bright clutches

Christina’s Boutique sells beautiful totes, classic everyday bags and bright clutches

“Of course, every woman should have at least one over-the-top bag. To really experience life, you need to flirt with extremes. A life lived safely in monotone is not a life lived at all.” – Frank Zambrelli, handbag and accessories designer extraordinaire.

Go bright, bold and beautiful for your next arm candy!

Summer Fashion Essentials

Posted on: May 16th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

The forever summer weather in the Florida Keys likely have most tourists wondering what could possibly be different about our “summer” wardrobe. However, we locals understand that summer means even lighter-weight materials in sweat proof fabrics that will keep us cool for the hot months ahead. Here are several wardrobe essentials for you to add to your closet the sweltering season ahead.

Bright Clutch

Let your accessories make the statement this summer with a bright hued or patterned clutch. Add a clutch to a basic ensemble such as a black dress or shorts and t-shirt for a pop of color. Try switching up your normal go to handbag by swapping it for a clutch for day. It’s a amazing what a cute clutch will do to make you feel more confident about what you’re wearing. Waters Edge Gift Cottage at 95175 Overseas Highway in Key Largo has a great assortment of summer clutches priced at around $30.

Statement Clutches found at Waters Edge Gift Cottage in Key Largo.

Statement Clutches found at Waters Edge Gift Cottage in Key Largo.


In the Florida Keys, sunglasses are a fashion accessory that gets worn daily. It’s also an accessory that you can never have enough of. All that wear makes them easy to lose, scratch, and break. So if you find a pair of sunglasses you love, buy more than one pair. I love buying sunglasses in multiple styles and colors to match to my outfit of the day. Miss Monroe Boutique located at 81868 Overseas Highway in Islamorada at the Village Square at Trading Post shopping area has a great selection of sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors and range from $18-$24. At that price you can afford to buy one of each!

Fabulous sunglasses found at Miss Monroe Boutique in Islamorada.

Fabulous sunglasses found at Miss Monroe Boutique in Islamorada.


New sandals are a summer must have. I love updating my wardrobe with a fun new print, style or color.   D-Luxe Boutique carries a variety of styles in neon pink, white and black with gold accents and wedge sandals for dressier occasions. Summer is also a good time to review the sandals already in your closet. If they’re falling apart it may be time to replace them. Shop D-Luxe Boutique at 80925 Overseas Highway in Islamorada. Sandals start at $18 and everything in the store is under $50.


Affordable sandals in bright colors and patterns from D-Luxe Boutique

Affordable sandals in bright colors and patterns from D-Luxe Boutique

Bold Statement Jewelry

Most summer fashions tend to have simpler designs for easy wear in warmer weather. Shorts worn with tank tops and long solid colored maxi dresses need a statement necklace to create interest your ensemble. If you don’t already own a few, consider investing in one. If you wear a lot of blue, then try finding one in yellow or turquoise to add another color to your outfit. Terra Nova located at 712 Duval Street in Key West carries of line of jewelry called Nature Bijoux made out of natural components such as coral, leather and zebu horn. Ranging from $48-$325, this jewelry line is meant to start a conversations as when worn, everyone will be asking about your beautiful jewelry.

Origins Necklace by Nature Bijoux

Origins Necklace by Nature Bijoux

Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the most comfortable summer staple. They aren’t too fitted so will keep you cool and in breezy light-weight fabrics are comfortable year round. Maxi dresses also have the added benefit of looking effortless. Pair one with wedges and a clutch for a night out or wear it with sandals and a statement necklace for day.   Wild Lily Boutique located at 81933 Overseas Highway in Islamorada has an abundance of maxi dresses available this summer in a variety of colors, prints and textures.

Mara Hoffman Maxi Dress available at Wild Lily Boutique in Islamorada

Mara Hoffman Maxi Dress available at Wild Lily Boutique in Islamorada


Sizzling Summer Fashion Show

On Thursday, May 22nd The Village Square at the Trading Post will host the Sizzling Summer Fashion Show featuring summer fashions from Miss Monroe, Wild Lily and D-Luxe Boutique. The event will start at 6 p.m. with the fashion show starting at 8 p.m. and will include a complimentary champagne bar, mojito bar, cigar lounge and cigar roller, light hors d’hoeuvres by Bad Boy Burrito and lots of free giveaways. Tickets are available for $30 and are limited. This is a great opportunity to see some beautiful summer fashions for the Florida Keys from some of your favorite local boutiques. You can buy tickets at Miss Monroe, Wild Lily or D-Luxe Boutique. Hope to see you there!



Leah’s Fab Finds: My Shoe Picks for Spring

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Get excited!  Spring is finally here which means it’s time to bring out your spring wardrobe and get inspired with some new wardrobe staples.  Below is a look at several of my picks for the best drool-worthy, outfit making shoes for spring.  I’ve already purchased two of these and can’t believe how much they’ve re-energized my wardrobe.  After all, if the shoe fits….


I love the asymmetrical shape and the magenta color of these Jessica Simpson Pumps – $89 Available here

Jessica Simpson Shoes for Spring

Jimmy Choo goes bold in a big way with this neon flame orange caged leather bootie – $995 available here.

Jimmy Choo Orange Sandal


These classic black & white espadrille would look fabulous with shorts or a cute sundress.  $54.95 available here

Classic Espadrille for springBasic flats with a punch – $79.95 available here

Striped flats for springFeminine mid-heel sandal with a classic kick – $198 by Coach available here

Coach Black and White Marci Heels


Look ladylike in this vibrant floral sandals by Steve Madden – $79.95 available here.

Floral Sandals by Steve Madden

Fabulous floral-print wing sandal by Paul Andrew – $795 available here.

Floral Wing Sandals by Paul Andrew Bold Basics

Asymmetrical white and silver sandal by Miu Miu – $690 available here

Miu MiuBlack edgy cuff wedge sandals, so comfortable and eye-catching at the same time – $99.95  available here

Trouve Black wedge sandal

The Go-To Outfit

Posted on: April 8th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

We’ve all had a day where finding something to wear seems next to impossible. And before you know it, every item of clothing you own is now strewn across your bed and floor. It seems the more important the event, the more stressful getting dressed can be. Most of us do not have the time to expertly style our outfits each day. This makes getting ready somewhat of a hassle when crunched for time.

For those days, when nothing seems quite right, you need to turn to your go-to outfit. A go-to outfit is a look that you feel great in. They are the clothing pieces that you are frequently  complimented on and that you are guaranteed to look wonderful in.

My go to outfit - coral hued jacket and matching shoes, animal print clutch and gold and black dress

My go to outfit – coral hued jacket and matching shoes, animal print clutch and gold and black dress

The hardest part for most women is identifying which outfit this is. When perusing your closet, look for a piece of clothing that you love wearing and makes you feel like you. This is exactly the look that needs to become your new go-to outfit.

If after looking through your closet, you have yet to identify your go-to outfit, try looking through photos of yourself. Facebook is a great resource. Most of the photos you’ve uploaded to your page or marked as a profile picture are likely photos that you liked what you were wearing. Scroll through your photos and look for those clothing pieces that make you look and feel your best.

If you are not on Facebook, think about the last time you received compliments on what you were wearing. This is now you’re go-to outfit. Still lost? Call your bestie and ask her which outfit she loves on you. She’ll be honest with you about your most fabulous look.

Next, you need to organize your closet. You should lay out your go-to outfits in an easy to reach location with as many accessories layered on them as possible. If your go-to outfit should be worn with a jacket, hang it together. This is to make it easier to remember how it should be worn.

Beyond picking out your go-to outfit, an organized closet will also help you with getting dressed each day. Organize your clothing by type. Hang each type of clothing together so that when you need a sweater or jacket for a cooler day or air-conditioned interiors, you know where to look for it.

If you’re feeling like, “I always wear the same black dress for every occasion,” swap out the accessories. Instead of wearing plain gold or silver jewelry, opt for a statement necklace with color and coordinate your shoes. The black dress can continue to be your go-to outfit but by swapping out your jewelry, shoes and handbag you’ll create a different look each time.

I recommend including at least one dress into your go-to outfits. Dresses are great for the Florida Keys, as they’ll keep you cool, they’re versatile for both work and play, and can be worn year round. Wearing a dress with heels and a blazer instantly pulls together your look for work, while wearing the same dress with sandals and statement jewelry is perfect for brunch with your girlfriends.

Most women say, “I’ve been shopping all my life and I still have nothing to wear!” With your Go-to outfit already in mind, you will never have to make this statement again.

Fall Trends 2013

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Now that the humidity has finally decreased it’s time to start thinking about moving into your cooler wardrobe. Embracing fall trends can be tricky when you live in a tropical climate. Fabulous outer coats, turtle necks and tall boots just don’t really work when it’s still 70 degrees. But there are many trends that will easily help you make the transition from your summer wardrobe into fall.

Thankfully, many of the trends that were big this past spring are still relevant for fall. Emerald remains a big color and is actually more wearable with other fall tones instead of your typical bright hues and pastels for spring. When trying to figure out how to work a trend into your wardrobe, it’s always best to start with small pieces such as accessories and to make sure you will wear it into future seasons. Review the list of fall trends below and then add a few key pieces to your wardrobe to update your look.

The Emerald Trend captured off the runway from Monique Lhullier, Carolina Herrera, Reed Krakoff, and Herve Leger runway shows.  Image courtesy of Sydnestyle.com.

The Emerald Trend captured from the runway shows of Monique Lhullier, Carolina Herrera, Reed Krakoff, and Herve Leger. Image courtesy of Sydnestyle.com.

Emerald Green

Each year Pantone declares a color of the year and this year’s shade is the elegant and lush emerald green. This rich shade was harder to implement into a spring and summer wardrobe but is perfect for fall so now is the time to embrace it. Pair it with neutrals such as black, winter white, tan, gray or metallics or color block your look by wearing this radiant hue with other jewel tones such as garnet, amethyst and sapphire. I also love this shade paired with polka dots or black and white stripes to keep it from looking too wintery in our warm climate. Make a statement by adding heels or big necklace in this vibrant hue to create a dramatic ensemble.

Fall Trends 2013

Houndstooth Fall 2013 Trend from the runway shows of Trina Turk, Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors. Image courtesy of Sydnestyle.com

Classic Prints

This spring, we saw a lot of floral and kaleidoscope patterns but for fall it’s all about bringing back the classics. Houndstooth, plaid, and pinstripes are big this season and have been around forever making it very affordable. You can find these prints everywhere from second hand stores to your favorite upscale boutique. Leopard print is another print making a big statement on the runway. Although the classic brown and black leopard print will always be in style, try adding a little fun into your wardrobe with a blue or black and white version. Remember that a little print goes a long way. A head-to-toe ensemble in print is never recommended. Instead try wearing one of these classic patterns in a light-weight blazer that could be paired with skinny jeans for the weekend or over a skirt for the office.

Fall 2013

Layering Fall 2013 Trend from the runway shows of Zero + Maria Cornejo, BCBG, Herve Leger, and Rebecca Taylor. Image courtesy of Sydnestyle.com.

Add Layers and Textures

Layering is one of the best ways to create a dynamic ensemble but can be hard to do with our warm weather. Transition a summer dress into fall by layering on a lightweight scarf and a fitted jacket. Layering can also be a great tool to add a pop of color into your outfit, just be sure not to go overboard on too many colors and patterns. Stick to the rule of three by wearing no more than three colors. To add texture to an ensemble, try m

ixing in a new texture you don’t wear as often. Leather is really big this fall and is light weight enough for the cooler months in the Keys. Instead of a traditional leather jacket in black, opt for a new look by trying leather in a rich burgandy or emerald green. Go bold with a leather skirt or try a more subdued approach to adding texture by opting for a shirt or dress with leather trim.

When in doubt, opt for black and white. It’s classic, never goes out of style and looks good on everyone. Happy shopping.