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The Go-To Outfit

Posted on: April 8th, 2014 by Leah No Comments

We’ve all had a day where finding something to wear seems next to impossible. And before you know it, every item of clothing you own is now strewn across your bed and floor. It seems the more important the event, the more stressful getting dressed can be. Most of us do not have the time to expertly style our outfits each day. This makes getting ready somewhat of a hassle when crunched for time.

For those days, when nothing seems quite right, you need to turn to your go-to outfit. A go-to outfit is a look that you feel great in. They are the clothing pieces that you are frequently  complimented on and that you are guaranteed to look wonderful in.

My go to outfit - coral hued jacket and matching shoes, animal print clutch and gold and black dress

My go to outfit – coral hued jacket and matching shoes, animal print clutch and gold and black dress

The hardest part for most women is identifying which outfit this is. When perusing your closet, look for a piece of clothing that you love wearing and makes you feel like you. This is exactly the look that needs to become your new go-to outfit.

If after looking through your closet, you have yet to identify your go-to outfit, try looking through photos of yourself. Facebook is a great resource. Most of the photos you’ve uploaded to your page or marked as a profile picture are likely photos that you liked what you were wearing. Scroll through your photos and look for those clothing pieces that make you look and feel your best.

If you are not on Facebook, think about the last time you received compliments on what you were wearing. This is now you’re go-to outfit. Still lost? Call your bestie and ask her which outfit she loves on you. She’ll be honest with you about your most fabulous look.

Next, you need to organize your closet. You should lay out your go-to outfits in an easy to reach location with as many accessories layered on them as possible. If your go-to outfit should be worn with a jacket, hang it together. This is to make it easier to remember how it should be worn.

Beyond picking out your go-to outfit, an organized closet will also help you with getting dressed each day. Organize your clothing by type. Hang each type of clothing together so that when you need a sweater or jacket for a cooler day or air-conditioned interiors, you know where to look for it.

If you’re feeling like, “I always wear the same black dress for every occasion,” swap out the accessories. Instead of wearing plain gold or silver jewelry, opt for a statement necklace with color and coordinate your shoes. The black dress can continue to be your go-to outfit but by swapping out your jewelry, shoes and handbag you’ll create a different look each time.

I recommend including at least one dress into your go-to outfits. Dresses are great for the Florida Keys, as they’ll keep you cool, they’re versatile for both work and play, and can be worn year round. Wearing a dress with heels and a blazer instantly pulls together your look for work, while wearing the same dress with sandals and statement jewelry is perfect for brunch with your girlfriends.

Most women say, “I’ve been shopping all my life and I still have nothing to wear!” With your Go-to outfit already in mind, you will never have to make this statement again.

What I’m Wearing: Color Blocking Pinks & Blues

Posted on: August 3rd, 2012 by Leah No Comments

Color-blocking is one of my favorite trends this season.  Pair pieces from opposites sides of the color wheel to create this look.   Finding a color-blocked dress is an easy way to wear the trend.   I really like pairing these pieces with accessories in a similar tone but yet a shade off. I’m wearing a color-blocked navy and fuschia dress by Cynthia Rowley from TJ Maxx for $39.99, blue Nine West clutch, blue and gold J Crew necklace from ebay for $14.50, gold Juicy Couture watch and vintage gold bangles.

Photo Courtesy of Sedura Photography – Sedura.com.


Photo Courtesy of Sedura Photography – Sedura.com.


Photo Courtesy of Sedura Photography – Sedura.com.


Tell me how you’re color-blocking this season?  What are your favorite looks?

Images courtesy of Sedura Imagery – Specializing in children and family photography. Go to Sedura.com or follow on facebook at Facebook.com/SEDURA for more information. 


What I’m Wearing: Neon, Neutrals and Golds

Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

Neon has been all the rage this season coming out in everything from flirty frocks to shoe laces.  However, not all fashion trends are created equal and therefore one should exercise caution before sporting a head-to-toe ensemble in neon tones.  I’ve seen too many people sporting these bright-hued color tones in looks resembling the 1980’s, looking more like a costume then an actual outfit.

The art of wearing these bright tones is to pair it with chic ensembles that you would have worn before this trend came out.   Accessories are really the easiest way to incorporate any trend as they tend to be less expensive and are easy to part with when the trend is done.

I prefer pairing neon with ladylike silhouettes and statement jewelry.  What I love about my look is the bold gold accessories really compliment this neon orange jacket and instead of making me look ghastly, the color actually compliments my tan.  I also love how this maroon clutch gives some added color without overpowering my look.  Remember, if neon doesn’t look good on you – and let’s face it, they don’t look good on many – then don’t buy them.  Would you buy a dress in a shade that was unbecoming?  Same goes for neon.

What I’m wearing:

  • Jacket – Vince Camuto purchased at Macy’s
  • Dress – white shift dress from past season
  • Necklace – vintage
  • Bangle – Amrita Singh
  • Watch – Juicy Couture
  • Envelope Clutch – ASOS (similar look)
  • Tan Wedge – Franco Sarto available at Macy’s

What do you think?  Comment on this post and let me know how you are wearing neon this season.





Wearing Braids This Summer

Posted on: May 25th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

I have to admit, I haven’t braided my hair since I was in school, however, with all the braided looks out there for summer I thought I’d give it a try.  The trick to making it not look so elementary is to keep the front looking more normal.  I parted my hair normally and then went for a poof  by styling my hair first and then used bobby pins to hold the poof in place.   I then started french-braiding my hair down my head turning it as I got closer to the nape of my neck.  I then wrapped it around my head so that I could get the hair from the other side.  What do you think?  Is it a hit or a miss?

Take a look at some some of my inspiration on my Pinterest board: Stylish Summer Braids. 

What I’m Wearing: My Kate Spade Inspired Look

Posted on: May 10th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

Today’s look was inspired by a lookbook from one of my favorite fashion designers, Kate Spade.  Since attending college at the University of Kansas and ending up in her same sorority house ( oh who am I kidding) – I’ve been completely obsessed and have been following her career ever since!  This past November, I finally bought my first Kate Spade handbag, sigh, I know, why did I wait so long!   I liked her page on Facebook (you need to do this) and saw an update about a sample sale where all of her bags were half-off.

The thing that has always inspired me about her designs is the use of color.  I love how she so unabashed uses lots of color worn all together – and she was doing this before it was a trend.  The fact that Brad Goreski is now the exclusive brand stylist of Kate Spade New York makes me love her creations even more.

Take a look at my Kate Spade inspired look!


What I'm Wearing: Blue striped Vince Camuto dress from Macy's, nude Franco Sarto wedges, red bangle and red vintage earrings and my red Kate Spade bag.


Isn't she lovely...


Kentucky Derby Party: I’ll Have Another

Posted on: May 8th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

My first Kentucky Derby party was a smashing success.  As you can see, I ended up choosing the vintage ostrich feather hat.  After several bottles of wine and quite a few mint juleps, I thought it was only fitting that “I’ll Have Another” took the race!  Next year, I’m not going to pay any attention to the predictions, I’m bidding on the horse with the best name.

What I Wore: Vintage Ostrich feather hat, Pearl necklace from New York & Co (I combined 5 necklaces which is why this is so big and fabulous!), Tahari black dress!


Just a few of the fabulous ladies in attendance!

Emily blew us all away with her Kentucky Derby look! Talk about amazing. Here she is sipping a Mint Julep!

This event would not have been complete without a grand staircase photo!

My favorite hat from the day! Corly made this using a sun hat and wreath picks from Michaels. Check out the birds nest! So crafty.


Until next year.

Picking a Fabulous Hat for the Kentucky Derby

Posted on: May 4th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

On Saturday, I am hosting a Kentucky Derby party to watch the best two minutes in sports while sipping mint julips and wearing fabulous hats.  As many of you know, I have an extensive collection of vintage hats, so the question is…which hat do I wear?  Take a look below and let me know which one you think I should don for my party.

Kentucky Derby Fashion

Feeling a bit Mary Poppins


Kentucky Derby

I'm pretty much in love with this vintage ostrich feather hat!


Kentucky Derby

More traditional. If I wear this one, I'm going to find a fake bird to put on it! 🙂

What I’m Wearing: mixing color in today’s look!

Posted on: May 2nd, 2012 by Leah No Comments

Today I’ve decided to embrace a few different spring trends: wearing yellow as a neutral and lots of color!   I’m wearing a color-blocked dress by Cynthia Rowley from TJ Maxx for $39.99, Vince Camuto yellow and tan striped top from Macy’s for $45, blue BCBG wedges, blue J Crew necklace from ebay for $14.50 and gold jewelry.  I just recently bought the dress and Vince Camuto shirt so run like your shorts are on fire to your nearest Macy’s or TJ Maxx if you want to pick one up!

What I'm Wearing


What I'm Wearing

Miami Fashion Event at Neiman Marcus

Posted on: April 27th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

This past week I had the pleasure of attending the Miami Fashion Bloggers Night Out Event at Neiman Marcus featuring Miami’s top style bloggers including The Fashion Poet, The Wordy Girl, Electric Blogarella, Lopez Jenny Lopez and Ohh Snap by Kar Gar.  The panelists shared the looks they’re loving for spring as well as blogging advice to their fellow fashion bloggers.  In addition, to seeing each blogger’s perfectly styled looks, Neiman Marcus also put on a fashion show highlighting the Spring’s latest trends.  Takeaways:

1. Yellow is the new neutral – wear it like you would black or navy and don’t be afraid to mix it with bright hues.

2. This season is all about color – pair bright pink pants with a bright pink striped top and a neon blazer.  Seriously, lots of color.

3. Pair patterns together in the same hue – Although this has been going on for awhile, we saw a lot of neon color tones as the base color.  As long as the base color of the two patterns is the same, go for it.

4. Bangles galore – wear them doubled up on both arms, tripled up, wear them up to your elbows!  Okay, not that high.  But this season, lots of arm candy is totally in!

Check out some photos from the event below.

Fashion Bloggers Night Out - Courtesy of the Village of Merrick Park


Annie Vazquez of The Fashion Poet and I

Bright hues dominated the runway at Neiman Marcus


Fellow blogger Nikki Novo of Theartofyouandme.com rocks a denim blouse with mustard yellow skirt and nude heels!


DJs Ess and Emm

Neiman Marcus is so on-trend, even their cupcakes are neon!

What I Wore: Miami International Fashion Week

Posted on: March 25th, 2012 by Leah No Comments

Never needing an excuse to dress-up, Miami International Fashion Week was the perfect event to don my stylish new frocks, enjoy a girl’s weekend in Miami with my favorite fashionista, Michelle LaChapelle, and see the latest and greatest of Miami’s fashion scene. Stylishly clad attendees gathered together to see established and up-and-coming designers from Latin America, shop unique, hand-made accessories and enjoy wine and culinary delights from local chefs.

Day 1 of Miami International Fashion Week

The first night I wore a black peplum top with a pink Betsy Johnson belt, and pink suede Nine West pumps!

Local celebrities present the Miami International Fashion Week awards.

Winning looks from emerging designers.

Day 2 at Miami International Fashion Week!

On day 2, I wore black booties from Nine West, cream silk blouse by Theory and sequin clutch from BCBG.

Ecuadorian baubles available for purchase.

Day 3 at Miami International Fashion Week

On day 3, I wore a mustard dress from Loehman’s, black Juicy Couture sequins scarf available in my store, and black sequins Betsy Johnson heels.