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Personal Style Consulting

The art of dressing fabulously is no easy task. Every girl needs a little help from time to time, whether your closet has turned into an unrecognizable storage space or you just need some help getting ready for a big event. I can work with any budget and would love to help you with your personal styling needs. Email me to discuss dressing you up: Leah@LeahsFabulousFinds.com.

Closet Assessment ($150 for 2 hours)

You may have a closet full of clothes but no idea how to wear them. We can spend time with you styling new outfits or restyling your old favorites to give them a new attitude! This two hour in-depth session in person or via Skype will help you get organized for easy dressing.  We’ll review your current wardrobe to figure out what’s currently working for you, what to purge and help you sort your castaways for consignment or charity.  In addition, we’ll organize your closet to make it easier for you to get dressed for any occasion.

Wardrobe Consultation ($75 for 1 hours)

Need some help with your wardrobe? A wardrobe consultation is a one hour in-depth session in person or via Skype to review your lifestyle, interests, wants and needs.  We’ll discuss places to shop, trends to consider adding to your wardrobe, classics missing from your wardrobe, the best styles for your body type, and styling tips to help you achieve your overall desired look.

Special Occasion Styling ($75/hour)

Do you have a big event in your future that you want to look fabulous for?  Whatever the occasion, I can help you look, feel and be your best.  Hire me to dress you up!

Personal Shopping 

This is the solution for you if you’re too busy to shop or just can’t stand waiting in lines and dealing with busy shopping malls.  I can make your shopping completely stress free by bringing everything to you. We can also shop with you to teach you how to become a better and wiser shopper, which will save you time and money. No more clothes in your closet with tags on them!  Contact me to discuss your needs, I can work with in any budget.